Sunday, February 22, 2009

New kids on the block - additions to our garden!

Well, I am back with my favourite topic - our 'terrace garden'.

There have been some additions to our garden since my last post (please visit my blog: My First Blog with my Green Thumb! to read about it.)

We now have the lily plant, the four o'clock flower or the "Marvel of Peru" (Mirabilis Jalapa) and carnation adorning our garden - apart from the other plants mentioned in my earlier blog, that is. You see, we endorse the saying - "the more, the merrier"! Wholeheartedly!

And we have now treated all the plants to the 'neem cake'. No, it is not their birthday, silly! This is only the plant kingdom's equivalent of the 'apple treatment'! "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." Remember?

We also have the 'red' Anthorium now. They look majestic! Its not called the "Flamingo flower" or the "Pigtail plant" for nothing. Trust me! Which makes us the proud owner of the Anthorium plant in three of its 'avatars' - red, pink and lavender. We are yet to get the white variety.....but the "Spatifilum" (Spathyphyllum wallisii) plants are more than making up for it.

Even the grass is looking "greener" than it was during the time of my earlier post - regarding our terrace garden. Rest assured, we are not looking for "greener pastures"!!!

Now, for the 'other' additions to our terrace garden - those of the 'non-plant' variety.

I have spoken about the two "Bankura horses" that adorn our garden in my earlier blogs. We have now named them as well - the black coloured one is called the "Black Forest" while the brick-red one is called the "Honey cake". We have three terracotta elephants too - a "mamma" elephant, named "Death by Chocolate" and two "kiddy" elephants called "Butterscotch" and "Fruit cake" respectively. We also have a pair of "Cheetas" christened as "Butter Chicken" and "Chicken Tikka" respectively. Cute, isn't it?

We plan to add to them - a pair of giraffes, a pair of camels and a pair of deer will make their "appearance" next month (March '09) as well as a cow along with her two calves and a hen with her chicks - all in their terracotta forms. We will name them too!!

And you will get to read about them once they join the "party" or rather our "garden". For sure!!!

Pictures: In "anti-clockwise" order:

1) A "Spatifilum" (Spathyphyllum wallisii) plant in bloom.

2) The Four o'clock flower/ "Marvel of Peru" (Mirabilis jalapa) - Pink.

3) The Four o'clock flower/ "Marvel of Peru" (Mirabilis jalapa) - White.


  1. Great photographs! I am also glad to know the scientific names! Wishing your terrace garden all prosperity.

  2. Spathyphyllum is the best among these!
    btw, you have a pic of a Strelitzia in your that from your garden?

  3. Na... aamar bird-of-paradise plant-e ekhano phool hoye ni... once it flowers, will replace this pic... :)

    Our Eliconia plant has started flowering... Yippy!!!