Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BlogAdda's Tangy Tuesday picks... my post... !!!

The wise say... Never go searching for happiness... it will come looking for you. How very true!

Yesterday (July 14, 2009) around 5.00 pm... I logged into my GMail account and was in for a surprise. There, sitting (comfortably, no doubt) in my inbox was... a mail titled: "Your post has been picked for our Tangy Tuesdays"

I was intrigued and read further... and to my great surprise and immense joy found that my post "Requiem for the 'world's oldest blogger'... and MJ." has been picked up by BlogAdda for their 'Tangy Tuesday picks'. *applause, applause!* Thank you BlogAdda!

Here is what the mail stated:

Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week's 'Tangy Tuesday Picks'.

BlogAdda has started 'Tangy Tuesdays' and 'Spicy Saturdays' where BlogAdda picks up good posts from Indian blogosphere and serves it to the readers on tuesdays and saturdays. This way, good posts are acknowledged and readers get to read quality content. This is also an opportunity for everyone to interact even more in fruitful discussions. If you are not yet registered on BlogAdda, please register at and submit your blog for more readers to discover your blog.

In case you would like to inform your users about your post being selected as "BlogAdda's Tangy Tuesday Pick", we have attached an image that you can use it on your post.

In case you want to have a look... you can find the link: HERE and the write-up says:

Tere päevast (Have good day in Estonian). It's pouring here in Mumbai and as someone mentioned it's not raining cats and dogs, but it's elephants and dinosaurs. Our team fought against delayed trains, water logging and heavy winds to pick up the best posts for you from the Indian blogosphere.
As always, these are some of the good posts for you to enjoy. Do comment on their blogs once you've read the complete post. It inspires a blogger to write more and he/she can churn out better content everytime!

Who : Roshmi Sinha
Tangy: “World's oldest blogger’ dies in Spain at 97″…. This wonderful post by Roshmi Sinha pays tribute to the world's oldest blogger and MJ. Very few would know about the death of the blogger and that itself makes us pick it for you. A very good read!

Wow! This is awesome and such an honour. Feels great and I'm over the moon. Yippieeeeeee!!!

This month so far has been amazing. First, my blog was the second runner-up... among 74 nominations at the "IndiBlogger of the Month May 2009" contest "Original Humour" category. Then... Subhayan awarded me the "Wramblerz Award"... in the "In-cyclo-pedic Blogger" category, followed by Shilpa's 'toast'... and now this! Wonderful! My cup of happiness... runneth over!

I must thank the celebrated Roman general Julius Caesar (from whom the month of 'July' derives its name) and to quote him (with a little customization... to suit my reqs, of course): "Veni, I wrote, I won."

And Oh! before I forget... the Alexa Traffic Rank for my blog has been moving northwards... steadily... and is currently at: 223,232. This is my 81st post and in the short span of 5 months... this blog has had visitors from across the globe... 68 countries, to be precise... till date. *a very satisfied smile*

Let me take a bow (and another round of applause please...)

A wonderful pic... which says it all... !!!


  1. congrats!!! awards showering from all around on you!!!

    started by ... yours truly .. of course .. ahem ..

    how long ago was ur blog approved on blogadda? mine got approved today ... :( so i guess some more time for such successes to come my way ...
    anyways check my blog and do what i've requested everyone to do in my post ... don't groan it's not a tag ... it's a hell lot more fun

  2. Wow! Congrats yaar! I just cant seem to get the hang of all these sites. I hv added my blog to some of them, but that's all I cud manage to do! :(

  3. I read your post on Blogadda and came over to tell you that i loved it!! :)

    So, congratulations!
    And please keep writing! :)

  4. clap clap clap...

    ur post deserve an award....[:D]

  5. thts a gr8 going yar.. um srprisd 2 c ur alexa ranking. it just rocks! keep it going up:)

  6. @ Subhayan: :D

    It's been a couple of months now... as a member of BlogAdda. Your time will come... so chill!

  7. @ Kaddu: Well, once you sign up... you can read other blogs and comment on them. That way you get 'introduced' to several great blogs and posts.

    It also increases the traffic on your blog :)

    As for the 'Tangy Tuesday picks' and the 'Spicy Saturday Picks'... etc, the team monitoring the blog will take care of it...

  8. @ Miss M: Thanks for stopping by my blog and for those generous words. Appreciate it :)

  9. @ Vipul: Thanks a bunch! Can't stop beaming...

  10. All the honors were well deserved :D by you ...Keep it coming !!! Blogadda still has Spicy Saturday Picks :D

  11. @ Dhiman: Thanks much! Will keep blogging... lets hope they pick another one for their Spicy Saturday Picks' :)

    Tahole to shonaye shohaga!

  12. @whysoserioustoday: Thanks a bunch and welcome to my blog!

  13. Congrats Roshmi. I disappear for a few days and I miss all the action. I have lots of backlog to clear on the blog front. But kudos to you!

  14. @Roshmi : Hey thanks alot for dropping by sharing such nice information with all of us .... please visit again... thanks and happy blogging :)

  15. @ Deepa: Thanks a million!

    But... I'm unable to leave any comment on your blog. There is a problem with the'comments section' I guess. Check it out... please.

  16. @ whysoserioustoday: Sure thing! I liked your posts and will continue to read them.

  17. Nice going, Roshmi! :) Your posts are always very rich... you surely deserved it!

  18. Thanks Kokonad! Its very nice of you to say so. :)