Thursday, July 9, 2009

The suspense is finally over... !!!

Well folks, the suspense is finally over! The "winner" of the much awaited "IndiBlogger of the Month May 2009" contest "Original Humour" category is finally out... and yours truly (my blog, that is: "Musings of an Unknown Indian") is the second runner-up... among 74 nominations. Not bad... eh?!! *Clap! Clap! Clap!*

As they say.. and I will tweak it a bit, to suit the occasion that is: When You're Second (runner up), You Try Harder. Therefore, I will try harder... the next time around. Wish me luck!

... Now for my "acceptance" speech... I'll keep it short... I promise. I would like to thank all those who voted for my blog, to those who leave a comment and appreciate my writing. The ones who have blogrolled, subscribed or have this blog on their network. And the ones including my friends who read this blog regularly... but do not leave a comment or join in the discussions here. I would also like to thank everyone who wanted to vote for my blog... but did not/could not (*wink! wink!*) largely due to "external" factors: casualty of work, slipped out of their mind, already voted for someone else's blog by mistake. I understand... kabhi kabhi galti se mistake ho jata hai... !!! Not to worry too much about it... what?!! Just chill!

A 'thank you' to the ones who voted for other blogs... for having taken part in the voting exercise and thereby making this contest... a huge success!

And last but not the least, a big Thank You to my friends who could not take part in the voting... since they are not a member of IndiBlogger yet... but read my posts regularly and/or share their opinion(s)/comment(s).

I have been a member of IndiBlogger for about 3 months now, and this was the first time I actually participated/nominated my blog... for a contest here. One of the fascinating and key takeaways for me... from this experience, has been... the many new blogs that I have been acquainted with lately, courtesy this contest. It has been a truly enriching experience... I must say. So, here's a big THANK YOU to Team Indiblogger too... Anoop Zombie, Renie Ravin and everyone else! Guys... and gals, you rock!!!

Now, for the winner... Reema, way to go! Keep up the good work and many congratulations! It was great to know that you liked my blog, and subscribed to it too... *big smile*

Please note, I am taking a bow! *drumroll! drumroll!*

To quote Henry Ford: "I do not believe a man can ever leave his business. He ought to think of it by day and dream of it by night." How very apt! It applies to us... bloggers, as well. As the tagline or is it the punchline... for IndiBlogger proclaims: We Blog, Therefore We Are.

P.S. There is one blogger who has told me and someone else (who did not nominate her blog for this contest)... that she has voted for us. Now, only one vote per person was allowed, i.e., you can only vote for one blog... and you cannot vote for your own blog. Hmmm... mystery deepens (tarang, tarang - thats the 'suitable' background music for these occasions, silly!) Some "mind chow" for our in-house private eye... the very "miss_teerious" girl, perhaps... what say...?!!

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The "IndiBlogger of the Month" badge... courtesy IndiBlogger.


  1. thank you!! And I dont have the followers widget on my blog because people subscribe to my blog usng google reader or feedburner. U dont use google reader? how does a follower widget work?
    I am always on lookout to read new blogs and humor ones are the best!
    P.S. I use this blogger id to comment on blogspot blogs but u know where my actual blog wordpress.

  2. A 'thank you' to the ones who voted for other blogs... for having taken part in the voting exercise and thereby making this contest... a huge success!
    Victory of democracy.. lol
    Hey welcum 2 d league of IndiBlogger runner-ups; lets wait 4 d show down wn v both nominate our blogs together *chuckle (a huhuhahahaha kinds)*

  3. congrats ... sad coz u were 3rd, happy coz sumone came 1st, AND because u didn't lose by 1 vote :D ... if that had happened i would've been saddest ... u know why :)

  4. ovation... 2nd Runner up no less feat out of 74 nominations and many didnot get more than 1 votes so its another feather in your blog....
    Now lets see who we can "push" to win next month :)

  5. @ Reema: Yes... I do use google reader. And now, I am following your blog :)

    A "Followers" widget is a widget... you can find one from any of the blog widget sites or through google friend connect. Check out my blog sidebar... there is one such widget. It will display the names of folks who "follow" your blog.

  6. @ Vipul: Thanks... and that'll be fun! Look forward to it :)

  7. @ pawan: Thanks! Appreciate it! :)

  8. @ Subhayan: Ha! Ha!

    ... don't be sad... 3rd among 74 (most being veteran bloggers) is quite good. Will try harder... the next time around.

    Now, I have some tags to complete :)

  9. @ Dhiman: Thank you! Thank you!

    Yes, some could not open their account too.

    ... But, I am counting on your vote.. the next time around :)

  10. Congrats yaar! That's really cool!
    For some strange reason, I have a phobia of blog networking sites! I just can't seem to get the hang of them! I figured out how to use the Forum on indiblogger, but till mid last month, I remember we were discussing abt selecting the topic for the contest... which was decided to be social issues. Then suddenly I find that voting is on for humour! And now it's over also! And social issues ka kya huya, pata hi nahin chala! Cudnt figure out how to vote either. Or how to nominate! :(
    Btw, I have an equally big phobia of Twitter too! :(

  11. Congratulations!!! :)

  12. Applause! Applause!

  13. @ Kaddu: Kya??? "Kaddu Mata aur phobia...?!!

    Social issues... was the topic for the previous month. Aap kahan ho ;)

    IndiBlogger is easy and cool! Just keep a track of things @ "Forum" and "Contests"... thats it. Detailed instructions are given re: nomination, voting, etc.

    Thanks a bunch for the wishes! :)

    P.S. I ain't fond of twitter. I refuse to let a little blue bird run my life!

  14. @ Ms. Kido: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  15. @ Shilpa: Thank you :)

    Treat can be found @






    :) :) :)

  16. Congratulations Roshmi!! Way to go!! In the crowd out there, 2nd runner up is just as good as the winner :)

    Wishing you the best for many more such successful awards.

  17. @ Prateek: Thanks a bunch for those wonderful words. Appreciate it! :)

    Good luck to you as well.

  18. Hey congrats.. i voted for you too :)

  19. Nice going, Roshmi! :)
    I am sure the competition was tough! And I feel voters should have been given an option to provide choices with preference rather than one vote only! Lot of good blogs lose out because of the absence of that feature!

  20. @ Kokonad: Thanks!

    I agree with your point, though.

  21. Hey, Congrats for the Blogadda pick and this win :)
    Great going :)

  22. @ Megha: Thanks for the wishes... and welcome to my blog!

    Congrats to you as well! :)