Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Awards Galore! Yayyy! The more, the merrier... !!!

This is my 101st post! And... offlate... it's been raining nay pouring awards... !!! *I'm beaming*

Note: Today is Maha Nabami. I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to extend greetings and wish you all a very Happy and Shubho Nabami/Navaratri/Dussehra!

Now... for the awards. The indefatigable blogger, Shilpa has very generously presented me with the 'Humane Award' on August 26th. 'Humane' as being characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion; marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns. Wow!!! While the Indian Pundit has honoured me with the 'One lovely blog award' on August 29th. I must state here that... the 'untiring' Shilpa has finally overcome her 'good' habit of posting 'one blog a day'... and joined the legions of us 'mere mortals'. She is at the moment busy catching her breath... and no longer denying her 'overworked and underpaid' blog the much needed rest and some well deserved sleep...! Compensation.. at last! Her lungs, brain and fingers too... must be feeling grateful...! *hee hee*

Kaddu has presented me with the 'Humane Award' on Sept. 6th. That makes it 2 Humane Awards for me. Yippieeeee!!! To quote her citation: "But, I'm going to do it in a slightly different way! I am, after all, Kaddu! :D Therefore, I'm giving this Award to all those of my blog friends who seem more like Aliens! :D ....... Enjoy your moment of Glory, Aliens! :D" Hmmm. I accepted the award and delivered or rather wrote my 'acceptance speech' in 'human-speak' and not in 'alien-speak'... (for Kaddu's benefit, silly!!!)... a full 2 weeks later!

Kaddu's response: OYE! You are receiving this Award NOW... 2 weeks after you got it! :O And I thought I was the only one who disappeared off the Blogosphere! What have u been up to then girl?
Me: I'm an 'alien'... right!!! We always receive awards 2 weeks later. Tradition, you see! ;)
Kaddu: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! =))

Sobhit has given me several awards. On Sept. 12th... the 'Superior Scribbler' award. On Sept. 19th... the 'I Love Your Blog' award and the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. On Sept. 17th, Shilpa has once again honoured me with an award. This time with the 'I love Your Blog' award... while, Dmanji aka Dhiman has bestowed me with three awards: 1. Superior Scribbler Award 2. SWANK Award and 3. Blog Buddies Award on Sept. 20th.

The 'Officer and a Gentleman' butterfly aka Ashwin Baindur of the butterfly diaries fame... have very graciously honoured me with the 'Superior Scribbler Award' on Sept. 26th. To quote him: Shince ve ar awl Indian and my blohg, excuz pliss, is of naturalist caste, you know...

So though I am enjaying sew menny good blogs – by penniless Roshni-amma, Gilpa (Rosie) Sharg, Mr farce, Miss-tedious Kadduji, LS didi, ty ‘notso’ nice, the finer noisy note and so menny udders...

the awards naturally going to these blogs...

(long roll of drumbeats....)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you........! I am absolutely delighted! That reminds me... I have got to find a place to 'display' all of them... on my blog. Quite a tall order, I must say! btw, I absolutely love the honour of being a "Tag Queen", which I share with Shilpa (despite the fact that, offlate I have quite a few tags... pending. I hope to get cracking at them... soon). Thank you Dhiman for the honour!! May your "Tag Dasa" continue for a long, long time... unabated. *wink! wink!*

Please note... I'm taking a bow. *clap! clap! clap!* *drumroll! drumroll!*

I am required to pass on all these awards to deserving bloggers or FBs... and I intend to do that honour in my next post (there are some 'rules and regulations' to be mentioned as well... you see!)

The other day... I was reading one of Kaddu aka the "miss_teerious" girl's post... titled: Farming in Germany!!! You can read it here.

She has become quite a pro at 'farming'... and hugely addicted to it too...!! Not the variety which involves bullocks, plough or a tractor, silly! This is an online 'game'... 'FarmVille'. I decided to leave a comment, which received a prompt response from her... to which I too responded immediately. See! Promptness... is in my blood... nay in the marrow of my bones. Ummm, okie dokie... in my genes!!! And so it went... for a while. Let me give you a 'glimpse' aka 'trailer'... therefore, I quote from her post:

I have been like this since I was a little kid. I do things in "fits". When I get involved in something, I give ALL of myself to it, and I find it very difficult to divert my attention to something else at that time! And right now, my entire attention is focused on my new Hobby -- Farming -- and my German Language Course.

Today, we had our very first test in this course. And guess what! I scored 49.5 out of 50 in this test! :D It turns out that I broke all past records in the Institute. My Teacher tells me that nobody has scored so high on any of her tests till now! :D

One of her old students, who is currently doing the Second Level of the course, took this test again with us, because he's preparing to give the International Certification Exam conducted by Max Mueller Bhavan (or Goethe-Institut, as it is known internationally)... and he scored a 46! :D

Well, this German Course will be done before Diwali, as our Teacher is leaving for Germany right after Diwali, and won't be back till end of December! And hopefully, my fit of farming will also be over by then! These days I seem to work on 2-lane tracks apparently! When I was studying for my PGDBA exams, I was full-fledgedly into blogging too simultaneously! And with the Java Certification preparation, I was more into playing Mahjong in my "breaks"! German seems to have paired up with FarmVille I guess!

Now for our little exchange of 'comments'...

Me: According to Swami Vivekananda... there is no such thing as 'talent'. It is only a 'mark' of our previous births...

Hence... you were a true blue german in your previous birth aka 'avatar'... QED! ;)

Kaddu: Oh Wow! That's a nice thought! So I guess I'm only revising it all right now then? Hmmm! I wonder if I was a real German Farmer in any of my previous births then!

Me: Absolutely!!! And you lived right next door... to Einstein! ;)

Kaddu: LOL! He was born in 1879, and I was born in 1978. Just 2 digits interchange their place! :D :p He he!

Me: QED... again!!!

Kaddu: Ha ha! Ok ok! I got it! I was a German in some previous birth, and I apparently have some connection with Einstein! :D

Roshmi: "I was a German in some previous birth, and I apparently have some connection with Einstein!"


'Some previous birth'... ???? Naaaaa!!!!

In your birth prior to the current one... you were a german who had Einstein for a neighbour... Got it... ??!!

Hence, you're scoring so highly in that 'foreign' language while simultaneously doing several other courses!!!

Kaddu: Ha ha! Ok ok lady! Got it! In my last birth, I was a German living next door to Einstein! LOL! Because of your "Albert Einstein" funda, I even ended up playing some dame called "Alberta" in our little 2-min skit we did in German today, at the instt.! :D

Meanwhile... another blogger (Dazediva) comments:

Dazediva: You are hilarious ! So now you are a reborn German Farmer with a hot air balloon ?? Why is that even on a farm or is that part of the service :P

But seriously - you have a pretty looking farm .. I'm not a part of farmville - don't want to be either but good farm baby hehehe

Oh and I took German classes yeaaaars ago .. Guten Nacht :)

Kaddu: I have no idea yaar! And it even has a black sheep sitting in the basket! Maybe it's meant to be used in place of a helicopter, for spraying fertilizers or something you know... from the air!

Oh and all credit for my rebirth goes to Roshmi! LOL!

You should see the Villa they have on sale in the FarmVille Market... it's gorgeous! And it's also very expensive! 1,500,000 bucks! I only have a Farm House at the moment! Need to earn a LOTTTTTTT of money before I can buy that Villa!

Ok so do u remember more of German? I really cud do with some practice.

Me: See!!! More 'coincidences'... to 'reinforce' it...! QED

Kaddu: :D

See! Finally Kaddu's 'dimag ki batti jal gayi'... without resorting to or munching on 'chlormint'... !!! *wink! wink!*

How did I know that... she is 'addicted' to 'farming'... ??? Well... sample this:

Me: Oye! No response yet... after soooo many days... ??!! What are you up to... ???

Kaddu: :D

Farming! :p

Now... are you too convinced... ??? See! I told you...


Pics of all the awards garnered by this blog :)


  1. Hmmm...
    Congrats on all those awards though!

    Btw, I am going to hostt an awards ceremony soon :)
    So keep in the lookout!

  2. Congratulations on your well deserved awards... :)
    Keep writing.. :)

  3. Shubho Nabami to You Too !!!! Congratz on so many awards :D ... and talking of Tag Dasa it seems to be gone finally for good I guess ;) No Tags around...

  4. congrats on the awards....and watch out for some more...:D

  5. Congratulations,it sure is raining awards for you,well you deserve those.
    Happy Dusserra.

  6. congrats on the awards and Shubho Bijoya

  7. Dear Miss penniless Roshmi
    I forgot the indubitable 'mi'
    and brought in the vulgar 'ni'
    but I have repented ji
    And named you correctly abhi
    cant stop doggereling though ji
    its come on like 'swine flu' to me
    surprise! though maine actually nahi
    aap ko award diya jee!

    But I wanted to very badly
    but quite quite very sadly
    being a indinaturalist and cadly
    gave only to naturelovers madly
    hope you'll forgive me gladly
    or I am doomed to rhyme forever so badly!

  8. @ Pawan: Thanks! Look forward to your awards ceremony :)

  9. @ Dhiman: Shubho Bijoya!

    Well you never know... with 'Tag Dasa'... it could come back again... soon! ;)

  10. @ Sid 'Ravan' Kabe: Thanks...! Look forward to it! The more the merrier...!!! :D

  11. @ BK Chowla: Thank you Chowlaji! Shubho Bijoya and a very Happy Dussehra to you too!!!

  12. @ Reema: Thanks and Shubho Bijoya to you too!

  13. @ Ashwin Baindur: Ha! Ha! Ha!

    That poem deserves a nobel prize!!! :D :D :D

    P.S. And I have already received my Masters' degree!

  14. Congratulations for all your awards!!

    And you must venture into farming too!! We need neighbors!! :D

  15. @ Shilpa: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    'Farming'... na baba na... hal chalana mera kaam nehi hai ;)