Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi! Hi! Hi!

Hello friends! I hope all of you are doing well... and are in the best of health. For all those... who were/are wondering as to my whereabouts for the past few weeks... let me tell you I had not been hibernating. It is not the season for hibernation anyways... with the mercury level hovering around 37 C... what??? I had not taken a break either... to rest my gray cells or to collect my thoughts. Nor was I bored or having a bout of writer's errr blogger's block *wink* And for the upteempth time let me declare that I am not a 'virtual kisan'. I never was. I hope Shilpa will not take offence *wide grin*

I hadn't gone trekking (I envy my FBs - Neelima of The Wandering Soul's Wander Tales, Subu of Passion for Road Trips and Abhijeet of Imprints On Ice fame - though)... nor was I meditating in the Himalayas. I would love to go to Lake Manasarovar though. So, what was it that kept me away from bloggersville for 49 days - 7 weeks? 7 weeks?!! Even I cannot believe it! *blink, blink... pinching myself*

Well here it is. I underwent a 'myomectomy'... which in simple language means the removal of a fibroid/benign (non-cancerous) tumor. 'Benign' that's the key word... and I am thanking my stars ever since! Mine was a pedunculated fibroid... i.e., a fibroid growing on a stalk, which is called a peduncle. (The stalk can get twisted which can cause severe pain, although this is extremely rare.) It was quite a nasty-looking fellow to be precise... measuring nearly 20 x 20 cm. When the doc coolly held it up and showed it to me (with blood still dripping from it) at the end of the operation (saying, "see this is what we got out of your tummy... you wanted to see it right?") @ the OT... I was under the influence of spinal anaesthesia, and genuinely felt/thought I had died and gone to some other planet. I could not believe... such a thing could come out of my tummy. Nor could the attenders of other patients. Apparently when they saw it... they forgot about their own relatives undergoing operation and started talking about this fibroid. It was an experience to remember. For sure! In fact my best half was so shocked and overwhelmed at the very sight of it... that he completely forgot to take a pic... for posterity.

Then after getting discharged... I came back to our home sweet home. Only to get readmitted 2 days later. 'coz the 'stitches had gaped'... meaning (half of) the stitches had come off... and I had to undergo 'resuturing' all over again. *a very sad face... thinking of the pain*

I am back home again... came back on 4th evening... and had the sutures removed yesterday. Hopefully no more resuturing is awaiting me in the near or distant future. Amen. 

Just a note on fibroids: Fibroids are the most common benign tumors in females. There has yet been a link between fibroids and genetics, however it has not been ruled out as a determinant factor. If you are experiencing symptoms related to fibroids such as pelvic pain and pressure, excessive bleeding, including prolonged periods and passage of clots, abdominal swelling, pressure on the bladder, and pressure on the bowel then it is likely that you may have fibroids. 

A sure way to find out if you have fibroids is by getting an ultrasound or an MRI. Patients with fibroids will undergo an ultrasound in their gynecologist's office/hospital/nursing home as part of the process to determine if fibroids are present. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is also used to determine if fibroids can be treated with embolization and provide information about any underlying disease. MRI is the standard imaging technique for evaluating fibroids because it provides a clearer image than ultrasound and can detect other causes of pelvic pain and/or bleeding you may be experiencing. (Read more: HERE)

If you have a growing fibroid, it is perfectly reasonable to be followed by having a pelvic examination every one to three months. If the fibroid begins to cause bothersome symptoms, then surgery may be considered. If the fibroid continues to grow very rapidly, doubling in size in a few weeks or months, then surgery may be indicated. (Read more: HERE). For Fibroids and Cancer: Read HERE.

The terms 'fibroid' and 'myoma' are used interchangeably. Most fibroids do not cause symptoms, and do not require treatment. Fibroids may require treatment in the following circumstances:

1. Fibroids are growing large enough to cause pressure on other organs, such as the bladder.

2. Fibroids are growing rapidly.

3. Fibroids are causing abnormal bleeding.

4. Fibroids are causing problems with fertility.

Thanks for all the messages. I will respond to them by and by. I will also read through the blogs/posts I have missed out all this while... by and by. It will take a while for me to get back to my earlier blogging form/speed of 2-3 posts per week... but I will post as often as I can... going forward.

I am missing my terrace garden too... since I am unable to climb stairs *a woeful look on my face*

Another flipside of this entire 'myomectomy saga' has been that my IndiRank has tumbled to 69... from a high of 82. Actually it was 82 in Jan., then 76 in Feb. and now 69 in March. Sob! Sob! Sniff! Sniff! Yeh foul hai... Mummy I won't play!!!

But I have received an award *cheering up* from Shruti of Hits and Misses fame. It is the Passionate Blogger award. The citation reads: "This Award goes to bloggers who enjoy what they are doing... From Stories to Social Issues or funny things, they love writing it."
Thanks a bunch dear! *I am beaming*

 Note: Some info gathered courtesy: Wikipedia.

A pic of a fibroid. Not the one that was taken out of my tummy though. Pic courtesy: Wikipedia.


  1. congrats for the award.
    get well soon and bounce back

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery... And that pic is seriously scary...

    Can you put the photo credit and the note stating that its not yours at the top?

  3. Gosh!
    I thought you got bored by my stories!
    But yea, I've missed your blog too (and so did mine :D)
    Hope you are feeling better now, your operation experience looks more gory than all my posts combined together!
    Come back soon to ur fave spot :D

    Wishing u good health,

  4. Good to see you back in action!
    As always, you have provided great insights about the subject. Thanks for the info :)

    Wow.. 7 weeks of trekking... can't imagine the kind of experience you would have gained out of it.. Look forward to see more regular posts going forward and also a higher indirank :)

    Take care... get well soon.

  5. Welcome back. Take care of your health. Hope you get better soon.

  6. wishing you a speedy recovery ......

  7. omg!! so much happened! glad to know u r well now. ((hugs)) get well soon.

  8. hey nice to see you're back! Get well soon :)

  9. Good to see you back.
    You will be fine soon. Take care.

  10. Eeeu.... sorry about that...the pic is ....eeeeu...

    oh u were hospitalized...i missed u...:)

    in the complete sense of word....welcome back.

  11. Welcome back! Clearly, everyone on the blogging world missed your insightful posts! :)
    Get well soon..Hope you'll be back with some rocking posts!

  12. I know it....its a hunch.... i always knew it that my happy days will be short lived....God is harsh on me.... What else i can do now..?...... Hmmmm.....comeback and welcome to blogging world and am happy to have you back in this blogosphere...this is all i can say to be diplomatically correct....

    I dont know who can understand my pain..... no one can empathise with me...... This gal is back..... i thought she was being emptied with thoughts and ideas to write..... i was quite excited that i can rule the blogosphere.......and now she came, with more energy and usual.....Again she will start making me to realise how dumb i am,blah blah blah i have to refer both wikipedia and regularly.......these google guys are too lazy.......... why dont they delete blogs which are inert for so many days ........ i think its better to approach in a legal way...else, hw abt hacking?.....mmmm....... Anyways, the only feel good factor is that her blog rank is 69......hahahahha.........what a pity.....see my blog rank is 75..........thank god, she was out of blogaton too..... BTW, other than writing perfect and comprehensive posts, she can make no difference..... lite le

    And now, Roshmi, dont be excited so much wid that award(i know u dont really deserve it) .......... even i too got the same award from Shruthi ..... Hey dont hesitate to ask me for ideas and innovation, in case....... am a sport.....i help my opponents too....

    Jokes apart.....

    Am standing in the stands and cheering with aplomb for your entry to the ground ...... and its really unexplainable how i felt when i read ur current post(thats y i wrote some fun stuff above) holds lots of positivism and quite relaxed after knowing that u r recovering to normal after that health hazard......... and am glad that u remembered ur cheer leaders too......Now, am ready to face you in the battle of ready to face the sarcasm......... am ready for your gyan.....What am doing now is.........

    Roshmi !!! Roshmi.....Roshmi!!!........
    We want Lengthy posts......

    Do take care buddy....
    Get well soon.....i think u have already......
    waiting at the public tap to bucket ur pipelined thoughts

    Elated Cheers,
    Mahesh Kalaal
    Help us @
    Read @

  13. Glad to have you back in the blogging zone! :)
    I was seriously wondering what happened to you...

    Welcome back and Get well soon.. :)

  14. Hi Roshmi!! So good to see you back!
    And sure that tumor looks scary! Glad that you are recuperating well.
    Take care of yourself!
    Congratulations on your award!
    PS : I am grinning...coz I love being a virtual kisan! ;)

  15. @ Saurabh: You bet!

    P.S. I've mentioned the photo credit at the end of the post... That should do. Mine was similar to this... but more scary and with blood still dripping from it *Mummy!*

  16. Pawan: Thanks Pawan... for those kind words. Yes... I am on the road to recovery :)

  17. @ Mohan: Thanks a bunch!

    P.S. My IndiRank is back on track now... 82 *a big smile*

  18. So did you bring it home? Keep it under your pillow and the Fibroid Fairy will visit you!

  19. @ Reema: Thanks a bunch Reema!

    P.S. Many Congratulations... on acquiring yet another Masters :)

  20. @ BK Chowla: Thank you Chowlaji!

  21. @ Sid 'Ravan' Kabe: Thanks a bunch Sid :)

    Yes... it was quite an experience. I am on the road to recovery now...

  22. Came here from Saurabh's blog.
    Get well soon and looking forward for happy posts soon on this blog :)

    Keep the spirits high!

  23. @ Preeti: Thanks Preeti... for those kind words. Will blog as often as I can... going forward :)

  24. @ Mahesh: Ha! Ha! Ha! That was some comment!

    I'll blog as often as I can... and will see to it that they contain bucketfull and/or truckloads of info *wink, wink*

    Look forward to catching up on your posts too...

    P.S. My IndiRank is back on track... at 82 now *a big grin*

  25. @ wandering soul: Thanks Neelima!

    btw... wherez your wandering feet... errr soul taking you these days... ???

  26. @ Shilpa: Thanks a bunch girl :)

  27. @ Saurabh: Sadly... I didn't :(

    Else it would have made a nice belated X-mas present... for someone answering to the name of Saurabh Panshikar *wink, wink*

  28. @ Sorcerer: Thanks for your kind words... and welcome to my blog! :)

  29. hi hope alls well now n wish u a speady recovry 4m d surgery ..saw d upd8 of ur blog but d pic ws disgusting :-/ dint feel lyk reading it den.. finally did 2day by skippin d para nxt 2d pic..rathr readin it 2 fast.. hv been kinda busy n messd up wid things myself n not really getin nethin 2d head 2 blog it out.. guess funny tyms arnd ... :D n now dat ur back on d blog sphere.. looking 4wrd 2 ur nvr ending post :P :P :P.. tk cr woman.. n get well soon rathr fast recovry...

  30. hello roshmi, I visited your blog some two or three times, past 1 month, coz I could sense that something might have happened since your posts were missing and there were no comments from ur part too. Today I was surprised to see your comment in my post and the first thing I did was to come and check what had happenend and got an answer to my doubt. The answer was again in your usual style with loads and loads of info pumped into it along with that fluent writing style. Now that u r back, if feels like a member of family is back after a long absence.
    Get well soon.. take care. Its time to make your presence felt again.
    Thanks for referring to my blog in your post. It was a special feeling reading that sentence. Blog friends like you are encouraging me to travel more and more and write more and more !!!

  31. @ Sobhit: Thanks Sobhit! And I hope to see some new posts on your blog too :)

  32. @ Subu: Thanks Subu for those kind words! Appreciate it :)

    Your blog is a visual treat... and contains loads of info as well.

  33. @ Nevalia: Thanks... and welcome to my blog :)

  34. Came across this post of yours, now. Mysister had an 800 gm and a 100gm fibroids. The doctor jokingly said it was 'thaayi maththu mari' (she lives in B'lore!). It is more than 3 years now and she is OK.

    Take care, Roshmi!

  35. @ Sandhyaji: I'm fine now... by god's grace. Thank you for your concern.

    'thaayi maththu mari'

    ... Hahaha! That was seriously funny. I had to ask my best half for the meaning though... But the doc sure had a great sense of humour :)

  36. 'thaayi maththu mari' - mother and kid!

  37. @ Sandhyaji: Yes my best half told me that... else I would not have understood the meaning :)

    P.S. You have missed out the 2nd part of "Chavanni, Atthanni aur Rupaiya... Raja, Kalmadi aur Radia!" And as my post on Malgudi Days: "Malgudi: How a village was transformed into R.K. Narayan's fabled town." :(