Saturday, October 30, 2010

GPRS ko Tata. 3G? Buy. Buy.

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Before I begin... let me tell you that this is my 150th post. Yayyy!!! *Applause! Applause* (I'm taking a bow... displaying all my pearly whites)

3G is something I want, and I hope that I will become the proud owner of a
3G from Tata DoCoMo very soon. No neighbour's envy owners pride involved here. Until now BSNL and MTNL were the two players... providing 3rd generation life. Now Tata DoCoMo is all set and good to go. High five!

Now for the post...

Ratan ka Tata and DoCoMo make for a dream team. No past tense. Do more every second. Commit more. Communicate more. Just walk the talk. More the merrier! 3G will spice up your life. Not aam-money. You can rely on it. The buzz is in the air... you can tell. Does it ring a bell??

Video Calling. Live TV. High Speed Internet. Gaming. Movies. Music. Masti. And much more. Are in store. Birthdays. Weddings. Academics. Picnic. Just enjoy... no panic. Reminders and dates. Make no haste. For babies, kids and the elderly. Also the scholarly. Shrinking playgrounds? No problem. With technology at the helm. Cricket, football and Saina's matches. Plus the missed catches. Can be watched leisurely. No hurry. Tendulkar's century. Why hurry burry? Baby's smile, first tooth, first walk and sound. Lets not be pennywise and foolish about the pound. Calls and meeting. And no eating. Makes for poor health. And we know 'Health is wealth'. You need not worry... and please don't hurry. Video Calling and Internet. Wins the bet! Speed of download. At the speed of thought! Bulky files. Just flies. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. No longer! Video chat and video calls. Just a screen away folks! Clarity? You just have to experience it! Video streaming capability? Faster. After all, speed does matter. It makes phones smarter. And the user too. I tell you! Affordable and user friendly. Jolly! Kill 'bill'. Jack and Jill went up the hill.

Office on the go. Just get, set, go. Carry your office... in your pocket. This is the age of jets and rockets! Bandwidth is not an issue. Don't pass on the tissue. For presentations and reports. You have all the support. Update the power point on the go. What you reap is what you sow. Desktop applications... pose no problem. Any more. Use your office computer... remotely via your cell-phone. Just skills you got to hone. Work in your pajamas. From home. Virtual office. Not virtual salary. So, don't you worry. Video conferences and meetings. At your fingertips. No long hours at office. Cuts down on travel too. I tell you. Less pollution, noise and smoke. No joke. Environment friendly too. Even though trees cannot sue. Multitasking is easy. Time management is the key. Says the little bee. And time IS money. Honey. Projects, egg-jams... no problem. With 3G we may stop 'eating' tigers and switch to Parle - G!! After all... G maane genius hai ji!

Missed serials, comedy and reality shows. Worry not. Its just KBC. Kaun Banega 3G-pati? News, views and interviews. Catch them too. Usain Bolt where art thou? Et tu? YouTube videos and uploading. No more 'loadshedding'! With better camera capabilities... the sky is the limit. Just go Click! Click! Click! Citizen Reporters. Ho jao taiyar. Whistleblowers. Wage your battles and fight the war. Big bee and little bee... will sting! 3G will result in changed manifestos. With the netas promising us 'food, clothing, shelter and 3G'. Haan ji!

Your ailing granny or best friend... cannot attend your wedding? 3G to the rescue. Video call and podcasting. Has never been this simple. You can sport a dimple. Your spouse can't accompany you on a sightseeing tour? Or you missed your kids' graduation? No tension. Your parents missed out on your baby's 'annaprasan'? Or they haven't seen their grandchild yet? You missed your parents' anniversary? Don't be sorry. Everything can be shared live and saved for posterity! You can do more and more... with 3G DoCoMore!

Be slim and trim. KISS. I mean... Keep it Short and Simple! Use Diet SMS. Shrtr is Smrtr. Pay per character. And walk on water. Love just one thing? Pay only for what you love. By Jove! Roaming. Why be a tourist in your own country? There should be value for money. Buddynet. Strange! Why let distances come between friends? Full on Boll. Won't burn a hole. Have a tale to tell? Use Voicemail. Drive saifly. Deftly. Flaunt your six pack. Pay per pack! DO COmmit MOtivate. That's just Perfect!

Blog and socialize in the virtual world. That's a worry for Orkut, Facebook and the little blue bird. Happy news, for the occupants of bloggersville, but. Farmville lovers aka virtual farmers. Will reap a bumper harvest... for starters. It's so swift. 3G is the best Diwali gift! Print your pics, documents, e-mails… et al. Have a ball! Mobile office and MobileBlogging are a possibility. Popular ditty. Birds of a feather flock together. Knowledge and info they share and gather. Who moved my cheese? Bell the CAT. Offload useless info... from your inbuilt hard disk. Your mind silly! Learn to unlearn. Celebrate, worship and pray. Together... I say! Acquire knowledge on the go. No lines you need to toe. Catch movies you missed. Don't be pissed. Download. Upload. Go down memory lane. Nostalgia is priceless! It's all about being 'priceless' or 'valueless'. That's the difference between 3G and the rest! Anytime is 3G time. Minus the whine. Read books and magazines. Newspapers and weather reports. Go on a virtual tour. Read recipes for 'pet-pooja'. Get maps. And cartoons too. Chota Bheem, Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean. And more. Much more. Book tickets, get forms, go banking, invest, buy stuff and sell too. Chutki mein! There is nothing to stop you! E-commerce and Cloud Computing will be easy. With 3G. GPRS ko Tata. 3G? Buy. Buy.

Everything can happen with 3G Aaj Kal. 3G provides a whole new world. 3G makes a world of difference. Gives quality of life a whole new meaning. This is no preening. It opens a world of possibilities. Impossible doesn't exist. Be smart. Don't be an old fart. Go 3G! Abhi.

Feature of the future: 4G/5G/6G or 7G/8G/9G (??)

3G is just work-in-progress. There will be more to come... that will even offer us an opportunity to peep into our 'past'... and our 'future'. Our 'previous life' and 'next incarnation' that is. It will offer the 'time travel' option... which will include an insight into the mind/thoughts of people from another 'time' and era. People wouldn't be able to stop talking about them. The features, that is. All they would have to do is... plug the new, sleek and smart looking phone on to their next generation state-of-the-art home theatre... press the 'time travel' button. Choose among the: 'as a baby', 'childhood', 'young adult', 'adult life', 'young at heart'... options there. Then settle down on the beanbag/rocking chair/La-Z-Boy sofas, chairs, recliners and couches... to savor the experience. By then even the La-Z-Girl furniture would make its appearance. Even furniture believes in equal opportunity. You see! We would be able to control and direct our dreams too. DiCaprio jaldi aao! Cholbe Nano minus Zen and Tao.

Exciting isn't it?? As I said, impossible doesn't exist!

Before I end this post... here is some mind chow. They say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".

Lets see...

An apple a day = good health.

Good health = one tends to work more/work hard.

Work hard = one earns more money.

More money results in... buying more property, jewellery, etc.

More property, jewellery = Lokayukta raid.

Beka apple...???

P.S. I came across a flash advertisement of Tata DoCoMo while trawling the net. It is a must watch! Here are the screenshots.

P.P.S. Life is all about making every second count. Through its pioneering products and promise, Tata DoCoMo has taken this simple truth and made it its core positioning. This innovative hoarding further extends this idea through a mechanism that simulates a constantly 'ticking' digital clock. Well... 'time and tide wait for none'. Where life can change in seconds. Pay per second. The idea will surely capture the audience's attention. It is no wonder that, 'Do the New and the World will Follow'. Begin life @ 3G with Tata DoCoMo... the world leader in 3G. Wish you a very Happy Diwali in advance! Tata DoCoMo style. DoCoMore. GPRS ko Tata. 3G? Buy. Buy.


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  1. Houdu... Apple beku. As long as we amass property, jewelry etc., in rightful ways, no need to worry about lokayukta!

    Congrats on your 150th post Roshmi. Keep them coming and all the best for your contest entry.

    PS: votes do not count for this contest. Only the good content wins :)

  2. @ Manjunath: Thanks and welcome here :)

  3. @ Mohan: Thanks for the good wishes... and great to know that votes do not count :)

    You are right about the apple... however one has to read between the lines... for this post ;)

  4. did d promoting thing.. tho i dnt get it..

    still 2 read d post. will do so in smtym..

  5. I recently visited your blog. It is a very interesting one. Keep it up.

  6. Congratulations for the 150th post and All the best for the contest Mam :)

  7. I always like your posts... Promoted

  8. My best wishes on the 150th.
    All the best for the contest and hope you do well.
    Yes, I have always believed that it is the content which gets readership, votes follow any good content.

  9. Though I could only read between the lines, I could make out it's a well-written post. Appreciate those little brain cells in you which have moved your fingers so artistically. Definitely for this post kudos beku :) Sincere wishes Roshmi!

  10. @ Sobhit: This is a post for the '3G Life Blogger Contest' powered by NTT DoCoMo at IndiBlogger.

    Powered by NTT DOCOMO, Tata DOCOMO invites you to participate in – "What is 3G life to you?". The contest is open till 5th Aug '10

  11. @ Shrinidhi Hande: Thanks and welcome here...

  12. @ Neeraj: Thanks for those kind words. Appreciate it :)

  13. @ Nandhini: Thanks for stopping by my blog and for those encouraging words. Appreciate it :)

    Glad to know you liked the post...

  14. hey Roshmi your writing style is awesome, the way you create rhyming words makes reading quite interesting eventhough one quick look makes one feel that there are loads to read.
    What about the contest result? Hope you will get atleast one award. All the best !!!!

  15. @ Subu: Thanks for the good wishes and for those kind words :)

    The result is still under wraps...

  16. wonderful post!! all the best for the result!