Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ek 2G Ke Liye!

In the 80's it was Ek Duuje Ke Liye. Now Kamal Haasan and Rati Agnihotri have moved into middle age and cannot dance around trees. Oh fish! But we have a bigger and better alternative! So, don't you be pensive. Errr... how big? 1.76 lakh crores and counting! Bounty hunting!

It is time to Ek 2G ke liye. Starring Raja and Kani. Where's the money, honey?

The cast also includes sundry Dee Yem Kay family members. With a tearjerker performance put up by the family patriarch! As for the rival arch... Amma dekh, ah dekh tera... errr whatever... bigda jaaye. I said Amma... and not Mamma Mia. Mind it!

Tihar jail. Dabur Amla Kesh Tail. Both give you: Ghane Mulayam Kaale Baal, Khile Khile Matwale Baal. How? Arre kesh tail hai re baba! As for the former... no Biran Kedi! That makes for a comfortable stay. And while the sun shines make hay. The aam-jaanta will continue to go to the Temple, Church, etc and bray.

Raja has gone to Tihar with band baaja baaraat. Kya baat? Arre... he has finally got the qualification that was missing in his Résumé. Which one? Tan tana tan. Time spent in jail. Otherwise a Neta is an epic fail. No national stature you see. Even though one may be very bisi.

Poor Kani. Perhaps had to be the fall guy errr gal... for papa dearest. While he says that a conspiracy has been hatched against him and the K family from Kanyakumari to Mt. Everest. So, conspiracy has now scaled Mt. Everest too! Boo Hoo! But we also thought it had scaled Mt. Azhagiri too. What say you?

The younger Mr. Clean is wondering 2G or not 2G. Whatever will be will be. But then he doesn't need Dabur Amla Kesh Tail, you see. His crowning glory is nature's bounty!

Now, Kani is Azhagiri's half-sister. Which half... may I ask? And pray... what about the other half?

Malanidhi Karan, Mr. K's nephew, is producing movies. While Sdayanidhi Utalin, Mr. Clean's son, is currently seen as the producer with the Midas touch. Sach! But Robot has taken off to Singapore. Enna Rascala, I see you.

Sdhayanidhi Utalin owns Red Giant Movies. Aayanidhi Dzhagiri owns Cloud Nine Movies. And earlier this month the Giant saw red and fell from cloud nine with a loud thud! What a dud! Maybe it ate too many red chillies. Hilly Billies!

Ilayathalapathy Bijoy has noticed the winds of change... and gone over to Amma. Clever, I say! Now, Lady Luck aka Amma will be smiling on him and his movies. Heebie-jeebies. Enna Rascala? Ab tera kya hoga Shankara? Amma will take on Robot. Waiting for Godot.

Bijayakanth aka Captain is waiting to join forces with Amma. Bijayakanth who? Arre baba, he is the poor man's Rojonikanth. And is the Neta of Dee Yem Dee Kay. Or so they say.

And if Amma comes can Chinnamma be far behind?

Mr. K and Mr. Goody Two Shoes. Have their goose been cooked? Wait and see. Meanwhile... Spectrum changed the equations. Mamma and Amma will have to work together and be thick friends. Smile for the cameras with flower bouquets in hand. How grand!

Perception. Lights, Camera, Action!

Meanwhile our blue turbaned Yogi is worried about several Gs: Indira G, Rajiv G, Sonia G, Rahul G and possibly Priyanka G and even Rehan Rajiv Vadra G and Maira Vadra G. Therefore, he prefers to keep a maun vrat. Silence is golden, you see! All for Ek 2G ke liye ji!

Note: The views expressed here are entirely in good humour and without malice.


Hilarious take on the Political scenario - in India.


  1. Awesome satire Roshmi!! Loved it!! :D
    Sad turn of events for the country though!!

  2. kya baat hai Roshmi G ...

    by the way why dont u become a weaver. You are adept in weaving things in novel ways :)

    Mahesh G

  3. Loved the play on words all across!

  4. Loved the play on words all across!

  5. Humor at its best. I wish I could write as well. My best wishes.This is an award winning post

  6. @ Shilpa: Thanks girl :) You are sooo right!

  7. @ Mahesh: Bahut Shukriya Mahesh Gaaru G :)

    P.S. Weaver? Errr... therez sooo much of weaving going on all over the country already... no?

  8. @ Free Spirit: Thanks a bunch... and welcome to my blog :)

  9. @ BK Chowla: Thank you Chowlaji for your kind words. I am taking a bow :)

  10. I am not able to see the screen here, Roshmi...I am laughing my head off after reading each line...now, it is 'amma dekh'...MIND IT!

    Neta fail without 'Jail'...how true! Raja must read it! And Kani too!

    Stalin is a decent person, but timid without guts. Always likes to stand behind his appa!

    The grandsons' takeover of Kollywood also is a reason for K's downfall! They went overboard!

    Vijayakanth will be insulted like she did with Vaiko, in due time! Amma will use Vijay for sometime!

    When amma is gone, Chinnamma is waiting to take over! She is not wasting time at the Poes Garden without reason!

    As usual I admire the way your thoughts fly, Roshmi! Enjoyed reading this post!

  11. @ Sandhya: I'm glad you liked it Sandhyaji and good to see you back :)

    "Stalin is a decent person, but timid without guts. Always likes to stand behind his appa!"

    I beg to differ. He is quite Machiavellian in his own way - else wouldn't have managed to remain squeaky clean while everybody is wallowing in muck.

    Standing behind appa is a strategic ploy - only the Yuvaraja stands behind the Raja (no pun intended) - and managing to send out the right signals on humility too :)

  12. If he is capable of running the State, I would prefer Stalin to be the next CM, but Azhagiri is waiting to pounce on him.

    Jayalalitha's health is worsening, I heard. But at present she seems to do SOMETHING. Hope for the best!

    Hope you are right about Stalin!

  13. Have a look at this Roshmi, you would like to read this:


  14. @ Sandhyaji: Well, hope for the best and prepare for the worst :)

    Thanks for the link... made for an interesting read.

  15. cutting satire ,you mix your words so well...