Tuesday, July 5, 2011

There is no greater reward than this :)

The greatest compliments are unexpected indeed.

A schoolteacher - Lekshmy - wrote the following lines after reading my review of "
Ruskin Bond's Book of Nature":

Dear Roshmi Sinha,
This is an amazing review. I am a school teacher and I was wondering how to inspire my students to read more than their English textbooks. In my English class I read the lines from your review and showed it to them. They were pretty much excited. So I typed three short stories of Ruskin Bond and uploaded it in the school website. They all enjoyed it very much. Now they all are fans of Ruskin Bond. Thank you very much for inspiring my students. I wanted you to know that you were the key that unlocked the door of a wonderful world for eighty two students.

Her note made my year! I felt humbled and enthused beyond words. It was wonderful to know that the magical mystique of Bond's beautiful words and the lilting charm of his prose have lost none of their appeal. And the children are indeed fortunate to have a teacher like Lekshmy. No?

However, I also felt that she shouldn't be thanking me. She should thank Ruskin Bond instead - for writing such charming stories filled with warmth, gentle humour, adventure and serene wisdom - and for bringing such joy to our lives.

Therefore, I have taken the liberty to share his address with them and hopefully they will write to him - soon. All his 82 young fans! Wouldn't that be super exciting!

As for the master storyteller - he really is a class act!

I am now reading his Roads to Mussoorie and will be reading Landour Days next.

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  1. This is great, Roshmi! You are a good writer and the result is here in front of us! Whatever you write, you write sincerely.

    The school teacher, Lekshmy is great. These are the real teachers. They find some way to make the children read outside their text books...good luck to her!

    Now, she will definitely write to Mr.Bond, I am sure!

  2. Wow!! A wonderful reward indeed!! Opening the door to a beautiful world for 82 children is simply awesome!
    Keep up the good work! :)

  3. indeed he is the master storyteller and we are fortunate. Landour Days is really special...one book I carry with me

  4. Lekshmy .... Till now i knew only "Lakshmi".

  5. @ Sandhyaji: Thank you Sandhyaji :)

    I also hope that Lekshmi and Mr. Bond's 82 young fans write to him too. That would be soo very exciting :)

  6. @ Kattykally: I totally agree with you :)

    P.S. Hope you have written to him already...

  7. @ Mahesh: We learn very day, rather every moment ;)