Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter Eleven by Amit Shankar

Amit Shankar is the author of Flight of the Hilsa that went on to become a national bestseller. Chapter Eleven is his second offering. It was launched yesterday (Sept. 17, 2011) at 6.00 pm at the India International Center, Multi-purpose Hall, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Book Summary: Feeling suffocated within the confines of Udaipur, his past and inconsequential job, Virendra Vikram Singh aspires to be a part of an MNC. However, with dreams having a nasty habit of going haywire, the day he joins his dream company, it files for Chapter 11 - bankruptcy.

First of its kind, Chapter 11 is a bold and honest portrayal of the corporate sleaze, dejection, love and self-discovery.

Chapter Eleven made for a very good read and here is my advance review:

Crooked trees lead organizations towards Chapter-11. But a Chapter-elevened society silently watched the disrobing of Draupadi. Has anything changed? Karma Yog or blame game - which should we choose? What happens to people who cook the books? Amit has woven an engrossing and thought-provoking tale involving all that and much more. Lessons from Chanakya-Niti enrich the storyline. Happiness comes when we do what we enjoy. But shouldn't we also enjoy what we do? Arjun had the greatest of mentors. Who do we have? What is our Dharma? Even if you have several swashbucklers sitting on your TBR list, don't miss this one!

Details of the book: Chapter Eleven/ Author: Amit Shankar/ Publisher: The Times of India/ Edition: 2011/ Language: English/ ISBN: 9380828336 / ISBN-13: 9789380828336, 978-9380828336 / Bookbinding: Paperback/ Price: Rs.245 (Rs.184 on Flipkart and Rs.164 on Infibeam.)

Photograph: The book jacket cover of Chapter Eleven. Picture courtesy: link.

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