Thursday, June 18, 2009

I know I'm late, but... the award goes to...

The much-awaited annual visitor to our shores is here... yes, the monsoons have finally arrived! I just love the rain!! Bangalore is 'feeling' like 'Bangalore'... once again! No more getting 'roasted' or 'fried' in the (quite unbearable) heat and humidity... which was so alien to Bangalore/Bengaluru until a few years before... Yippie!!! The summer dust is getting washed off too...

I have more cause for celebration. Just last week... I discovered that my blog has received an IndiRank of 77 (

IndiRank is a system that the folks at Indiblogger have built to rank the blogs in the IndiBlogger network. It's like runs in a game of cricket - the higher the score, the higher ranking you (i.e., your blog) have. Blogs are ranked on a scale of 1-100. So, 77 is a pretty good score... what?!!

My blog's rating at blogged ( has gone up as well!

And here's the third. The Alexa Traffic Rank (for my blog) is curently at 251,289! No, higher is not better.

Oh, and I have one more cause for celebration. Kaddu had presented me with the "Blogger Friendship Award" (for 20o9) last month... well, actually, a while back... May 14th, to be precise. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you........! I was and am absolutely delighted! This is 'the' very first award for my blog!

So now... it's my turn to pass on this Award to my Blogger friends!

Why haven't I done this before... ??? Well, I was 'busy'... and not procrastinating, mind you. So, what could I do... ?!!

Anyways, I would now like to nominate the following people for this prestigious honour... and Kaddu will be the first one on this award list! This award also goes to: Rajdeep, Ved, Kokonad, Sumit, Dhiman, Tangerine, Deepa, Web Snacker, Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee, Vamshi Krishna A and puresunshine aka Virtual Crossroads.

I'm sure I must have missed out on a lot of names... there have been sooooo many new blogs that I have been acquainted with lately... you see. Plus those who leave a comment and appreciate my writing. The ones who have blogrolled or have this blog on their network. And the ones including my friends who read this blog regularly... but do not leave a comment or join in the discussions here. This award goes to you as well... !

*Clap! Clap! Clap!*

All you guys and gals... please take a bow!

Update on June 19th, 2009: This award also goes to: Mukund, pawan, wandering soul, Books and Comics, Crocodile's Tales, Rana Sinha, Jamaica My Way aka Jamaica, Sandy, Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind, ACKnowledge, Welcome to the world of Devil, সোনার তরী, History and Mythology, Vik's angles, Rhett, My Memoirs of Mesmerizing Memories, Simply Ridiculous, Prateek Shah, thoughtsandviews and Shilpa Garg.

... And even as I write this, the Alexa Traffic Rank (for my blog) has gone up... to 250,362... !!! Yayyyyyyy!!! I am over the moon!

And Oh! Before I forget... a while back I had checked the 'value' of my site at Guess what I discovered??? No... ??? Well, now don't fall off from the chair or whatever you are perched on at the moment. My site is 'valued' at a whopping $394,545,921.. !!! I AM serious!

Now, lets move on to the "to do list" for all the awardees. Going forward, you have to compile your own list of awardees. Please display the "Blogger Friendship Award" (2009) badge on your blog. You can copy it from my site and post it on your blog... and give it some pride of place! After all... it could well be the first award for your blog... !

Photograph: The "Blogger Friendship Award" 2009 badge.


  1. thanks. really appreciate it .

    keep going

  2. Thanks Ved!

    Now, you have to compile your own list of awardees... :)

  3. Thank you Roshmi for including my name in the list !!!
    And congratz for indirank 77 and all the improvement in your blog's number's ....Gr8 job!!!
    Kirom school school money hochhey na...ami eto rank peyechi tui koto peli re...
    Having said that'am sukno kothay to chirey bheejbe naa... TREAT KOI :D

  4. hey cool! thank u so much!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

  5. @ Dhiman: :)

    Thik tai! School school-e mone hochche.

    Tobe... isn't school days 'supposed' to be the best time in a person's life?!!

    Aar amra jotoi onno kichu bhule jai... school-er kotha kintu shob shomoy-ei mone thake... tai noye ki?!! :)

    Treat can be found @...





    :) :) :)

  6. @ puresunshine: :)

    Now, you have to compile your own list of awardees... :)

    Please display the "Blogger Friendship Award" (2009) badge on your blog. You can copy it from my site and post it on your blog... and give it some pride of place!

  7. Hey Roshmi...
    I have been a little late to visit your blog have been a bit busy... anyways better late then never... Congrats for the award... You blog is really great...
    Following you :)

  8. Hey!
    I added your blog up in my blog roll!

  9. Yay! Thank you thank you thank you! :) 77, eh? Nice rank! :) I wonder what mine is...

  10. hi Roshmi ...

    for one u don't need to approve of this comment coz it doesn't make sense here ... i dunno but u are the one who's following this blog called sonartoree right ? well, that's my mum's bangla blog, and she's really happy to see that ...

    thanks on behalf of her ..:)

  11. @ Subhayan: :)

    I have just updated my post... gives you the "to do list"... after having received this award. Do, go through it.

    Re: "Sonar Toree"... This blog has great content, very aesthetically pleasing and informative too.

    Lovely poems, great songs and your mom has put down her thoughts very well! History and mythology... interests me immensely.

    I was glad to find a bangla blog :)

  12. @ Mukund: Thanks a bunch and welcome to my blog! :)

    You have received an award as well! Do, go through my post...

    Thanks for the follow!

  13. @ Pawan: Thanks a bunch! Appreciate you dropping in. :)

    You have received an award as well! I have just updated my post... gives you the "to do list"... after having received this award. Do, go through it.

    Thanks for the follow!

  14. @ Kokonad: Thanks! :)

    Yours is 62... I guess.

  15. Congratulations Roshmi for a great Indirank!
    And thanks for the appreciation!! :D

  16. ekdom theek School Days are the Happy days...
    and "virtual" treat er jonno dhonyabad ...aro erom award pao aar treat dao....
    ebar bolbe ki hangla re baba khali khai khai kore...

  17. Roshmi!!! Thank you..Thank you!!! :D
    This is my first award.. Thank you for awarding it to me as well.. :)

    And congratulations on your IndiRank.. :)

  18. @ Dhiman: :)

    Na, na, shhe ki kotha... !!!

    Ami nijeo... am a "foodie". I have heard there is a restaurant called "Khai Khai" somewhere... kintu kothay shheta jani na... :(

  19. @ wandering soul: Thanks a bunch! And many congratulations!!!

    I love your posts... especially the pics. They are breathtaking.... to say the least.

    Keep going! :)

  20. Yay Roshmi! Thanks a ton. Am thrilled because this is the third time I am receiving this award! First from Dmanji, then Monika and now from you. Am I a blessed friend!!!! Thanks, girl!

  21. @ Pal: Many congratulations!!! :)

  22. I appreciate it too! But as I read about the monsoons I was thinking how I can't wait to be in Jamaica during hurrican season! Your mention of monsoons intrigued me. What's it like?

    And THANK YOU for the special mention in your awards section! And thanks for being a faithful reader of my blog...I wonder where people find the time to read as many blogs as you do!


  23. Thanks Roshmi for mentioning my name! I was thrilled. I've been blogging only 6 months. Its very kind of you. And Congrats to you for the rank. I'm sure it will only keep improving - if you keep the blogs coming. Well done! And thanks for the suggestion on my blog - got me thinking. I like to put a bit of me in my posts. So it may take a bit of time! But it will come. I promise.

  24. @ Jamaica: Thanks a bunch! :)

    Well, I guess I am 'simply brilliant' in time management! ;)

    Well... actually, most of us are members of blog networks: Indiblogger, blogged, BlogAdda, BlogCatalog and so on. We are avid readers of other people's blogs... :)

    The advent of the monsoons and the rains. Ahhh! The rains.......

    The sweet sound of rain falling on parched land... pitter-patter... pitter-patter; the smell of the rain-soaked soil, the magical feeling of breathing in the rich air of rain on soil... so relaxing, so fragrant. I just love the "after-the-rain" smell.

    The summer dust getting washed off and the freshly washed flowers and leaves...

    The amazing weather, the nip in the air, being able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee... once again!

    The yummy food... all "monsoon specialties"... and their aroma... wafting through the air...

    Getting wet in constant drizzle... strolling or dancing in the rain... Ohhhh! I could go on and on and on...

  25. Thanks Deepa!

    I would love to read... a first-person account of your travels and encounter with the weavers.

  26. hey I just stepped onto your blog...good things happenings around...woah cool...
    i am new to this part of blogs thing and I would congradulate for IndiRank.. even I got one...67...[:D]

    and yes i liked the bhagwat gita widget...nice...

    following you...

  27. Thanks a Lot Roshmi! That indeed is the first award for my Blog! :D

    And many congratulations to you on the better standing at Alexa, Indi Blog and !

    But the fact that really caught my attention was the site evaluation at $394,545,921!!! Way to go!!


  28. @ Sid: Thanks!

    Congratulations to you as well... on your IndiRank.

    Keep going! :)

    Thanks for the follow... but, I cannot see you featured on the 'followers widget'. Is there a problem... ???

  29. @ Prateek: Thanks a bunch and welcome to my blog!

    I wonder... if Warren Buffet or Bill Gates or any other 'moneybags' will be interested in my blog. :)

    Just kidding! To me... my blog is 'priceless'... !

  30. @roshmi
    I had accidently clicked on follow privately..dunno how that happened...i always do such mistakes...:D

    I am inspired from your blog for something...will post soon...

  31. Congratulations on everything!!! Good newz for ur blog!

    And thanx a mill for d award!!! *wide-grin*

  32. @ SiD: Thanks! :)

    Welcome to my blog!!!

  33. @ Tangerine: Thanks a bunch!

    Hope you meet with success as a part-time detective... ;)

  34. @roshmi ji
    You are tagged!!

  35. Thanks a bunch, SiD! Really appreciate it! :)

  36. I think you are not late; it’s me who is late to join in your celebration party. Congratulations great achievement! Really very nice blog you have. I was surprised to see ‘Books & comics’ has got 79 points.

    Thanks for sharing awards with us. Feel proud in your list – my 2 current (Books and Comics, History and Mythology)& one previous (ACKnowledge) blogs are included.

    Keep it up your good work.

  37. @ Prabhat's Books and Comics: I am a huge comics fan and you are doing a great job... by posting them.

    And Congratulations on your IndiRank, too!

    Keep going!

  38. o THAT was supposed to be shared? ... sorry, didn't know that ... and could u pls make the comments thingy of ur blog come up on a new wndow ... ?

  39. @ Subhayan: Yes... THAT. And I have put forth a nice "to do list" at the end of my post, too.

    P.S. The comments thingy of my blog come up on a new wndow... ummmm... how do I do that...???

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  41. @ Anonymous: Thanks a bunch for sharing it...