Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is 'Politics'... ???

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is 'Politics'?"

The Dad says, "Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I'm the breadwinner of the family, so let's call me 'Capitalism'."

- "Your Mom, she's the administrator of the money, so we'll call her the 'Government'."

- "We're here to take care of your needs, so we'll call you the 'People'."

- "The nanny, we'll consider her the 'Working Class'."

- "And your baby brother, we'll call him the 'Future'."

- "Now, think about that and see if that makes sense."

So... the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what his dad had said.

Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him.

He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper. The little boy goes to his parents' room and finds his mother sound asleep.

Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room.

Finding the door locked, he peeks through the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy says to his father, "Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now."

The father says, "Good son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about."

The little boy replies, "Well, while 'Capitalism' is screwing the 'Working Class', the 'Government' is sound asleep, the 'People' are being ignored and the 'Future' is in deep shit."


Pic depicting... "Mein Tumhare Pair Padta Hoon, Mera Sir Mat Khaao!" Funny (!)... right... ?!!


  1. and madam...back from the dead??? where have u been???

  2. :D :D :D
    Is it your own? I remember reading something like this ages ago, but this one is fresh!

    Capitalism screwing working class, that's the truth!

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha
    Thats funny....i cant stop laughting.
    Wow and absolutely SPOT ON OBSERVATION!

    i am following u through friend connect!!!


  4. hhaha, nice one

    but the truth of life and we all are living with it day in and day out

  5. @ Sid 'Ravan' Kabe: :D

    Glad you liked it!

    P.S. Haven't disappeared anywhere... just been busy... procrastinating... !!! :)

  6. @ Pawan: Nope! Not 'original'.

    I read it a while ago... and thought of sharing it with my 'FBs'...!

    Its an apt description of things happening around us... though. Right... ?!!

  7. @ IndianPundit: Thanks and welcome to my blog! Glad you liked the post :)

    Stay tuned!

  8. @ Reema: Is it.. ??? Its funny, though... but spot on! :)

  9. That was really funny and a truth as well...

  10. I can't think of a better illustration of the word Politics. Well Done.

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  11. @ Blogxter: Welcome to my blog and glad you liked this post :)

  12. Fantastic photo, almost didn't need to write an article about world politics.

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