Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Stranger than fiction" - A 77-Fiction.

This is my second attempt at a 77-Fiction. Hope you like it.

Author's Note: You can read my first 77-Fiction... titled, "Grief" - HERE. My first 'Flash Fiction'... "Communication"... can be read: HERE.

Before I get on with it... let me just say that I too hope, like millions of others... that Sachin Tendulkar will reach yet another milestone. Today. That of the 17,000-run mark in one day cricket... and not fall a victim to a certain "dreaded finger"... or try to 'conserve his energy' (wink!) He needs just 7 more runs.

But to quote his teammate and the incumbent 'Team India' vice-captain Yuvraj Singh: They are "tired of celebrating 'grand-dad' Sachin's records."

He maybe just 36 but he is already being addressed as grandfather - by his India teammates. "We have started calling him grandfather," Yuvraj quipped. Well the guy has been around for 2 decades now... since his 1989-90 debut... of which I have vivid memories! But... I have a sneaking suspicion... he may still be around... when his son debuts, donning the India colours.

When asked if the team has any special plan to celebrate the occasion, Yuvraj said, "Plan? We are in fact tired of planning celebrations for him. Every week, the guy goes on to make some record or other. How many times can you celebrate?"

Moving on to the racist cries... emanating from those Indian students based in Melbourne who have been, or feel they are being targetted for assault. Its been all over the media for quite a while now. With the Victorian Police Commissioner confirming that assaults against Indian students are up over 30%, one would say there was a problem. But perhaps the problem is that... assaults are up over 30% and nothing is being done about it.

So apart from some actual and efficient Policing, what can be done to show the world... that Australia is not a 'Racist Haven'? That we are all potential victims... this being not an 'Indian' issue... ?? Infact, trying to camouflage these attacks as an 'Indian' issue seems to reduce the seriousness of it. Right... ???

To me, the answer lies in a man with a very colourful wardrobe... and I must say he looks good in pink! Dirk Nannes (aka 'the man who was responsible for fellow Delhi Daredevil teammate Glenn 'Pigeon' McGrath to twiddle his thumbs during IPL 2') not only sounds like an international man of action, he is one. Being a member of an already rare species (of left arm fast bowlers, and he sure is fast), Dirk is from Melbourne but plays for Victoria, Delhi and the Netherlands in cricket competition. Can you be a better representation of multicultural harmony, with a striking and exotic-sounding name? Further, he studied the saxophone at University, has an awesome beard, speaks Japanese (thats some talent!) and competes at skiing at an international level. Everyone loves a polymath. What... ?!!

Nannes is known to be not too fond of team meetings. "I don't listen too much. By the time I enter the field, I have forgotten all about it. So when you see me wander towards mid-on or mid-off, I am actually asking them what was discussed! I don't like team meetings much. I am thinking where to eat." Wow! Thats some 'food for thought'... !

And here's his take on cricket: "Cricketers are completely a different breed," says Nannes. "I wouldn't say that cricketers are boring, but their sense of humour is a bit different." Spoken like a true diplomat! On his disappointment with Australia's selection, he says: "If I am not good enough to be in the top 30 Australian cricketers, I will eat my hat." He certainly dishes out quotable quotes... move over Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat!

Now... to get back to my 77-Fiction. Read on:

She walked slowly... unmindfully talking into her mobile. Failing to notice the fast approaching bus... until it was too late. Confused and in panic she looked around for an escape route. The 2 feet high platform next to her... was impossible to climb... without assistance. Suddenly, a pair of strong hands gripped her arms and pulled her onto the platform. Relieved and grateful she turned around to thank her saviour... only to find noone. Not a soul...


Some info gathered, Courtesy: Wikipedia.


A beautiful pic... showcasing the 'miracle' that is nature.


  1. Very Nice 77-fiction..
    Enjoyed it.. :)

  2. We lost the match but Sachin was incredible today!
    Really nice 77-fiction.We come across such experiances sometimes in life but being careful is better! She is the lucky soul to get the help...but not everyone is that lucky!Did she felt lucky though?I wonder!

  3. Avery interesting fiction.Concept of 77 is great.

  4. Nice 77 fiction! I am still unable to figure out out happened in the end. Did she die? Or she survived. If so, who was her saviour? I love a good suspense :)

  5. @ Pra: I agree!

    Only in moments such as these... does one 'experience' the 'presence' of a 'higher power/being'. Isn't it... ?!! And it is truly humbling.

  6. @ BK Chowla: Thank you Chowlaji! Would like to see you try your hand at it...

  7. @ Neeraj: Thanks Neeraj and welcome to my blog!

    Only in moments such as these... does one 'experience' the 'presence' of a 'higher power/being'. And it is truly humbling.

    btw... whats your take... ???

  8. Yeah, she was dead, that's what I believe! :(

  9. @ Neeraj: No! No! She lived :)

    Her saviour was the 'higher power/being'... that I have mentioned earlier. You know, the 'guardian angel' :)

  10. Ohk Roshmi, u mst b knowing my stand on paranormal stff thanks to my last short story.. Well um trying to figure out last 3 words "Not a soul..." as in do u want 2 say its not paranormal or its just an xpression 4 'not a person'.. so cnsidering that open ending(if u intndd tht way), anothr nice attempt, though not better than the first one for sure.. It was way better :)

  11. @ Vipul: Thanks Vipul! Well perfection pe improve karna mushkil hai ;)

    Well, I have left it open ended deliberately... open to interpretation.

    It could mean: guardian angel, someone close to the protagonist who has moved on to the afterlife, the Supreme being... variously referred to as bhagawan, God. Even a mortal being through which 'someone somewhere' acted... and who melted in the crowd before she could overcome her shock and turn around. An unknown benefactor....etc. Or even a friend/sibling who is hiding behind some pillar, and will suddenly jump in front of her and say... "surprise"...

  12. Oh that's nice. I like happy endings :)

  13. Good to see a Happy ending that is she is saved... by whom so ever... Agree with Vipul nice one but the earlier ones were better....

  14. @ Dhiman: Well, I'm just an ameteur :)

    And perfection pe improve karna mushkil hai ;)

    P.S. Am keen to know your views on my 2 latest posts... both political satires.

  15. thats how guardian angels work :D

  16. Hey you got me... Considering many of the flash fictions I've read, my mind was thinking it would end with something related to the phone call...

    Thanks a lot for taking time to go through my blog. In one way or other you have encouraged me to keep on blogging.
    Thanks a lot!

  17. @ Saurabh: Ha! Ha! No... none of my micro-fictions... till date, have anything to do with the phone call :)

    Check out the one titled "Communication"... if you can.