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All in a Day's Work.

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They say, "Life is a journey and not a destination." Maybe. And this journey is enriched by a myriad of things/events/persons... friends, family, relationships, emotions... and of course food! Not particularly in that order though. But... they all add up to form a kaleidoscope of memories.

Emotions. Now, this is something we cannot do without. Right... ?!! No matter what. Hatred and fear are two of the strongest emotions. Negative though. How would life be... without them... ?? We don't know. Can life be better... without them... ?? We can't say. If we look around... we cannot miss them. For sure. 24/7 news channels, newspapers... you name it... they all remind us of the existence of these two (unwelcome) emotions. Daily. Yes... unfortunately!

Is there a way out... ?? No clue. Opinions are diverse and divided. Everyday... throughout this journey called 'life', we come across issues/people/events... who remind us and even stir these emotions within us.

What should we do... ??

Watch this short film - "Strangers". Directed, written and produced by: Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv.

It is indeed very well done. A fantastic and inspiring film. I think most of us... have been in this kind of a situation at some point or the other in our lives. 

This is a beautifully crafted short film and a great example of a simple story speaking a thousand words. The subject of racism is universal and a simple concept to understand... yet this 7 min 11 second film manages to stay entertaining and eye-catching throughout. Offering a gentle twist which is bound to be thought-provoking and a conversation starter. "Strangers" is perhaps the most powerful short film you will ever see. 

Most of the time our petty racial/linguistic/regional/communal 'wars' keep us divided, whether it be Jew and Arab, white and black, North and South. It is always 'Us' vs 'Them'. What will it take to put things in true perspective for us... ?? Whites and blacks in America and Europe have been feuding for generations over the same old issues that seem to play over and over again like a looped tape, especially when race pertains to politics and the pursuit of power. B.rack Obma notwithstanding.

Elsewhere, in the Middle East... Arabs and Jews have been fighting for more than a millennium perhaps... over a piece of land. 

In America and Australia... indigenous people are being systematically obliterated... again in the name of racial superiority. The 'holiest cow found in the land of the sausage'... the UN is understandably silent. They know which side of the bread is buttered on. Period.

Fork-tongued diplomacy... fueled by the oil-grabbing policy of the sole superpower and its surrogates... which in turn is further buttressed by the powerful defense contractor lobby within the United States (apart from their cronies and others of course)... have reduced Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan... to rubble. The latter... the land of the proud Pathans, the original 'Aryans', the land where our forefathers wrote the "Rig Veda"... has been completely destroyed. This is the toxic legacy of the three decades of "cold war" between the two erstwhile superpowers. The USSR has long since abdicated its 'throne' and undergone 'fission'... aided by liberal doses of Perestroika and Glasnost. Now, the "sole superpower" is doing its best... to raze to the ground... whatever remains. Whatever... even a semblance of infrastructure, that is. For our erstwhile colonial masters... this land has become a much-sought-after location... whenever a couple of utterly worthless and useless 'Prince'... require an image makeover. 

The occupation forces in Afghanistan are supporting the drug trade, which brings between 120 and 194 billion dollars of revenues to organized crime, intelligence agencies and Western financial institutions. The proceeds of this lucrative multibillion dollar contraband are deposited in Western banks. Almost the totality of revenues accrue to corporate interests and criminal syndicates outside Afghanistan. The Golden Crescent drug trade, launched by the SeeIA in the early 1980s, continues to be protected by cow-boy intelligence, in liaison with NATO-nic occupation forces and the erstwhile colonial military. In recent developments, erstwhile colonial occupation forces have promoted opium cultivation through paid radio advertisements. While the controversial opium ads have been casually dismissed as an 'unfortunate mistake', there are indications that the opium economy was being promoted at the political level (including the erstwhile colonial government of Mr. Cauliflower Ears - the official poodle of a certain exotic flora). The Western media in chorus blame the T-ban and the warlords. Nothing official about it... it's all in a day's work. You see, Narcotics is second to Oil and the Arms Trade.

Africa/Iraq/Afghanistan: Some of the world's most ancient civilizations... are being systematically obliterated to feed the insatiable greed of Washington warlords and their constituents in the corporate boardrooms across cow-boy country and (the dominant half of) Europe. Yes... the ones who talked and wrote about the WMDs or A. Moosaab al Z or connections to 9/11... besides much else, whenever the 'need' arose. Or suddenly 'spotted' so-and-so... in some rocky mountain cave somewhere. After all, it's all in a day's work! 

The alleged terrorist mastermind, A. Moosaab al Z was exposed some three years back... in a Washington Post article as a fraud; a shabby invention of the fertile imaginations of 5-sided polygon planners and their surrogates in the media. Colonel Derek Harvey candidly admitted that the military intentionally enlarged Z.qvi's caricature to create the impression that the struggle against occupation was really a fight against terrorism. What more proof do we need? 

Didn't the Exotic Flora administration adopt a strategy produced by the right-wing think tank, Rand Corp. for exploiting the ideological and religious differences of the Iraqi people, even though Iraq has no history of sectarian violence? So why are the people of cow-boy country so eager to accept the 5-sided polygon-media analysis of the present conflict in Iraq? Every part of the narrative so far has been exposed as a lie. Let us at least agree on the one basic axiom that underscores all corporate journalism; the media never tells the truth. It is simply a case of 'all in a day's work'. Linked to simple bread and butter issues dominated by 'which side of the bread is buttered on'. Period.

Sure, stories break that shed light on some area of government waste, fraud or abuse, but the really big stories (independent investigations of 9/11, the destruction of Falluja, the 2004 Ohio election fraud, Guantanamo Bay, the Downing Street memo, "Able Danger") simply disappear behind a wall of disinformation. Conveniently.

The civil war storyline is intended to divert attention from the bloody subjugation of the Iraqi people by a foreign military. This is the real story of the Iraqi conflict. The current malaise in Iraq is reducible to three bullet-points; occupation, occupation, and occupation. Any departure from this essential narrative is simply false. Cow-boy Intelligence services are involved in every area of the present hostilities. Author Max Fuller ("Crying Wolf: Media disinformation and Deaths squads in Occupied Iraq") has documented how SeeIA operatives have not only trained the Iraqi death squads operating in the Interior ministry, but created a high-tech facility with data banks of the names of potential targets for future attacks. 

Does that sound like a civil war or a pretty well-thought out scheme for plunging the country into chaos? It's all in a day's work... my friend.

And how does one explain the fact that there have been several incidents where occupation forces have been either caught or connected to bombings in Iraq? Why do the occupation forces drop bombs on hotels where investigative reporters stay... ?? Good questions. No answers.

The rationale leading up to the war was a lie. The justification for the ongoing occupation as a fight against terrorism (al Z.qvi) was a lie. The fairy tale about an Iraqi civil war is a lie. And, presumably, all the future stories diverting attention from cow-boy nation's bloody occupation will be lies. Iraq is subsumed by a wave of violence which radiates directly from the most expensive piece of real estate in cow-boy nation. Don't blame the Iraqis.

Iraq is cow-boy nation's slaughterhouse; the Iraqi people have no part in this crime. Don't call it a civil war. Ditto Africa and Afghanistan.

The repercussions and the ripple effects of these 'wars'... ?? Words fail me. For the folks and groups that orchestrate it... ?? It's all in a day's work. As simple as that. 

The other 'Big O'... ?? Well... Nostradamus' prediction (made in the 16th century) re: an iron bird hitting Amerigo... came true (at the onset of the 21st century). In fact, doubly true... 'ek ke sath ek free', you know! And we got to know that the 'Big O' and his cronies are diehard Nostradamus fans... who have a large collection of his works... in the Arabic, Dari, and Pushto languages (besides in some North African languages as well) - neatly stacked in the dimly lit cave library.

Where do the 'non-state actors' get their equipments from... ?? Training, food... other logistics... ??? *Tarang, Tarang* [That is the suspense music... playing in the background.]

Do you think 26/11 was just an act of terror... or do you think it was a part of a larger game-plan... ?? Maybe, the latter. 9/11 has been milked for all it was worth. The 'Big O' has not been traced (if at all he was supposed to be traced, that is). He cannot be declared 'alt+cntrl+del' either... until another 'Big O' has been 'created'. 'They' certainly tried to build up 'Mehsood'... and link him to the 'Big O'... but that did not work out. 

So, the 'charade' continues. Another 'Big O' has declared a shift in policy... and coined the term 'Af-Pak'. So, now we have this 'War on Terrier' squarely shifted to the subcontinent. Smart move! *sarcastic laugh* Iraq will take a backseat for the time being. To be resurrected after 4-8 years. Just as Afghanistan has been taken out of the 'deep freezer' and brought back into the limelight after some 7-8 years. It's all in a day's work... after all. To borrow a phrase from a certain legendary figure: "Elementary, my dear Watson!" 

For us... the inhabitants of the land described by the great Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay as: "Sujalam Suphhalam, Malayajasheetalam, Sasyashyamalam Mataram"... we suffer from severe water crisis. Apart from having to watch the unpleasant spectacle of farmers committing suicide... regularly. We are a land... inhabited by several very 'powerful' people... yet we have no 'power'.

We are busy fighting more important 'wars'... that of language, class, caste, region, community... to name a few. Apart from the 'war against the trees'... in line with the philosophy of: "mere trees should not be allowed to stand in the way of 'development'". It's all in a day's work!

We all live on the same planet. We all bleed red. Don't we... ?? Why need a bigger and more dangerous "enemy"... for people to realize that "live and let live" is the way to go... ??

What will it take for us to realize that the eye of terror does not discriminate... ?? 

Let us settle our differences... petty or otherwise and realize the real and common "enemy". Now.

India/Bharatvarsha is our 'Punya Bhoomi' or worshipable Motherland and the nation of our ancestors. It is this land where the eternal principles of 'Sanaatan Dharma' were discovered and practiced for many millennium before they were compiled. The philosophy and culture that evolved in this land are very distinct and vibrant for which we should be proud. It is this land where a clarion call was given to all humanity to pursue the goal of becoming higher spiritual beings and realize the ultimate Truth. Thus, we should work to keep the ancient traditions of India, and keep it as the homeland of a dynamic and thriving Vedic culture. 

You must listen to a beautiful song rendered by Abrar-ul-Haq - "Tere Rang Rang". 

The complete lyrics of this fabulous song can be read: HERE.

Here are a few lines...

Moun Modh Diyay Daryaon Ke
Main Ne Hawa Mein Udhna Seekh Liya
Main Ne Hawa Main Udhna Seekh Liya
Meri Agli Nazar Sitaaron Par
Phir Bhi Main Tere Sahaaron Par
Main Zaat Paat Mein Oonch Neech Mein
Aur Firqon Mein Baata Huwa
Jo Sachai Ko Dhundla De
Dil Aisi Gard Se Atta Huwa
Shikwa Nahin Jism Ki Matti Se
Par Rooh Bhi Ab Betaab Nahin
Tere Hukam Pe Chalna Eik Taraf
Tera Naam Bhi Lena Yaad Nahin
Tera Naam Bhi Lena Yaad Nahin
Tera Naam Bhi Lena Yaad Nahin
Kam Se Kam Mujhko Lauta De
Kam Se Kam Mujhko Lauta De
Woh Rooh Aur Jism Ki Jang Jang

A lovely song indeed! The video is a must watch!

Synopsis of "Strangers": Two strangers meet on a Paris subway, one Arab, the other Jewish. The guy already seated is reading an Arabic-language newspaper. The other guy... who just got on the subway has a Star-of-David necklace... and makes a point of jostling it so that the first guy notices. They are not happy to be on the same train, each holding some prejudices about the other, but they tolerate each others presence. A gang of skinheads gets on the train and confronts them. This suspense thriller dramatizes the urgency of a younger generation seeking to reconnect with and humanize the "enemy".
"Strangers" was accepted to the short competition at the Sundance film festival 2004 and won the Online Film Festival Viewers award. It also won Best Short Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival along with numerous other awards. 

It's all in a day's work! Indeed.

Note: Some info gathered, courtesy: Wikipedia. 

The short film "Strangers" is not to be confused with "The Strangers" - a 2008 American suspense and horror film written and directed by Bryan Bertino, and starring Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman, Gemma Ward, Laura Margolis, Kip Weeks, and Glenn Howerton. The film revolves around a young couple who are terrorized by three masked assailants, who break into the remote summer house at which they are staying and damage all means of escape.


Some stills from the short film "Strangers". Pics courtesy: link1 and link 2.

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  1. erm... i think i have seen the usual informed post indeed...:)

  2. now dis dint seemd lyk a big post at all... funny guess its all wen i am in a mood 2 read i can read nething... but GUD READ .. well written lyk alwaz ,,, ur commnad on issues n d large dataware house u hv wid u jst keeps throwin bouncers at ur readers.... u sure hv d traits of writing professionally n not jst on blogs.. think abt it , u cud mk a profession outta it n dat 2 a gud 1... hv jst put d movie on streamin. wud watch it later .... probably u shud introdude d chat gadget in ur blog.. wud b fun 2 discuss information on dat wid u... till en cya n nice done

  3. good one, long but very informative, now going to watch the short film strangers, it looks and sounds interesting

  4. Thought provoking Roshmi. Hatred and prejudice is all pervading. We need to turn the lens on ourselves. How have we fared as a nation on this? Not very well. Caste based hatred and discrimination continues to put obstacles in the path of our progress. School going children in rural areas are made to sit separately as per their caste. A child was beaten so badly in a govt school in TN that she lost her sight. Her mistake? Drinking water out of the pot that was meant for upper caste students. Yes. We need to look much, MUCH closer home and see how we have fared on justice and fair play. What do you think?

  5. Is this your longest post ever? sounds like a nice movie.

  6. A wealth of information. The movie is haunting. Watching it again. Thanks for sharing it..

  7. As always, a very informative post. I wonder why do the most intelligent creatures fail to understand that the world can not be without harmony. Let aside being in harmony with the nature and the other creatures, it's a shame that we can not even be in harmony with our own species. Economics and politics is chiefly important, which is will destroy our world sooner or later.

    About the film, ah, it ends happily. But it precisely shows the immaturity of human mind. We fight now. When some one from the outer space comes to dominate us only then we will realize that we are one humanity.

  8. Very informative indeed.
    Your blog is a pool of knowledge. The other day I was reading 'Profound, prolific, and funny,' but couldn't finish it because of power cut. Unfortunately, I forgot the link to your blog. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog again.
    The movie 'Charlie Wilson's War' was an eye opener. CIA was the one that gave birth to Taliban in order to fight against Russia. Such an irony!
    And now you mentioned something similar to this made it all the more interesting.
    There was so much concrete material in the post. It was too much to digest. Gotta read it again sometime.
    Again, it was a fabulous post. Keep writing. Will come back again. All the best! Cheerios! :-)

  9. That was a wonderful video.Racism is probably our biggest problem. Unless we are one, we couldnt even think about conquering the other issues. Thanks for pointing us to it. The way they get down from the train on the different tracks is so symbolic. Wonderful...

  10. Hey! Good to see you in this Blog-a-ton!! Welcome!!
    A trademark post for the BAT-5...Informative and thought provoking! Damn good Roshmi!! :)

    PS: Not able to see the movie...Broadband issues! * Sigh*...will come back to check it out!! :)

  11. my God.This is a really long post. U have jumped from one to another but the fusion is quite there and could make one read till the end. Good Job!! Got to know about BAT linked up from this post.

  12. nice and informative post...

  13. As usual.....
    stupendous, analytical and wonderful post......
    I asked other adjectives, but they said that they wont come here as it has become a routine place for dem....
    eager to watch d movie...
    al d best for BAT5...

    PS :
    1. I have not yet learned new adjectives. Sorry
    2. I request vipul not to allow such intellectual species to write for BAT
    3. Go back......Go back....Roshmi Go Back..... Go back and write some books and journals.
    4. Dumbism Zindabad.........Long Live Dumbness
    5. God, please send some virus or malware to attack this brilliant blog which gives strenous work to my brain networks.

  14. Roshmi!! Such a long post, my god! Very informative.. I loved the shortfilm u have linked here :)

  15. Sorry, could not read the post fully. Will come back again when I finish the tasks at hand.

  16. Hi Roshmi.

    The movie left me spell bound. What a simple but compelling situation. well for us here in India isn't it like a sense of déjà vu? How many movies have we seen where the many religions that stand divided in our country usually come together to fight a common enemy.

    Good luck to you.

  17. Thanks for all the nice comments that you leave on my son, Subhayan's blog. Since you have an interest in the Bhagavad Gita you may stop by my blog and from there go to my sites on the Gita and the Devi Mahatmyam. There is also an intriguing translation of the Savitri Mantra (aka Gayatri) that you might find there. cheers

  18. Its always a treat to read your 'long' posts its always packed with so much of information.... truly you do some research on the post ... and Good to see you in Blog-a-ton :)

  19. I neither watched the movie nor did listen to the song. Your post was effective enough without that.
    All the best :)

  20. Nice post Roshmi. Liked the short film strangrs. Also liked both the songs. Very informative post.

  21. @ Sobhit: Thanks Sobhit... for those encouraging words. Appreciate it!

    As a professional writer, I'll be under certain constraints... and will not be able to write about my real thoughts on issues... such as the ones on my post.

    You know... 'independence'. Not the one which we supposedly won way back on 15th Aug 1947 :)

    Re: the chat box... I had it displayed on this blog for a while. It slowed down the blog and there was some script playing truant... without my permission ;)

    So removed it :)

  22. @ Harsha: Thanks Harsha! :)

    Hope you liked the short film...

  23. @ Deepa: Yes Deepa... I agree. We need to look closer home.

    The word 'terror' does not refer to only the bomb blasts and/or its perpetuaters. It has a larger definition and scope. Much larger.

    When it comes to caste and other forms of social discrimination... it takes two to tango. There are vested interests on all sides... who benefit from it. There are people and groups whose power flows from this kind of discrimination(s). Hence they would not like it to end.

    I have witnessed a lot of instances. Many members of the peasant caste (who fall under the shudra category) are its worst proponents. Even folks within the dalit community.

    See how the 'Lingayats' came about. The 12th century saint Basavanna... tried to spread brotherhood and do away with social discrimination. Hence, he went to the colonies/huts/places where these oppressed people stayed... and gave them the 'nama'. The 'tika'... of holy ash... on their forehead.

    Since he had to travel to a lot of places, he could not visit each house/family. Instead he asked those who had already received the 'tika'... to in turn distribute/continue the good work.

    Those folks did not do as asked. Instead... they proclaimed themselves as 'lingayats' with Basavanna as their guide. They started worshipping the Shiv Ling.

    They now claim to belong to the highest caste... higher than the 'brahmins'. You should see how they treat the 'dalits' now.

  24. Let me narrate a few instances. When I was studying... I had this classmate who stayed near my place. So, we traveled together. One day... while coming back from college... we passed by her house. There were some beautiful flowers in her garden. I expressed my desire to see them more closely.

    She looked at me with a shocked expression on her face... and asked if I wanted to come to her house. I said yes... and if there was any rule which prevented me from doing so. Still in shock, she said... they were dalits and I was a Kshatriya. And no Kshatriya went to the houses of dalits.

    Trust me Deepa... never in my life have I felt so embarrassed.

    I just told her... we were friends, and if she were to say the same things again... we would cease to remain friends. That was that. We are still friends.

    Now for the other instance. There was this lingayat girl staying in the room next to mine... @ the Univ hostel. She was studying Comp Sc. (M.C.A)

    One of my classmates was her roomie. We were discussing some accountancy problems [accountancy was always my bugbear ;)] before I stepped out for some other work.

    When I returned some half an hour later... this lingayat girl was doing some puja. As soon as I entered, she created a ruckus... that by stepping into the room, I as a non-lingayat and therefore, 'inferior' to her... had desecrated her prayers.

    After overcoming my initial shock... I gave her a piece of my mind... after which she never dared to speak like that again.

    All this in the IT/BT city... the 'Silicon Valley of India'... Bangalore aka namma Bengaluru.

  25. It is then symbolic that you chose to write about Abrar-ul-haq who is a singer of Pakistani origin. It is critical we learn to love skills that people bring versus their origin,religion or country.

    I liked your post.

  26. We learn twisted history written by foreigners.

    This thing about a certain class of people... having been discriminated for thousands of years is a myth. Perpetuated by you know who.

    Look at our epics. The best source... since it is generally read by all. Who was Satyavati... ??? She was able to get the great Bhisma, the Ganga putra no less... sidelined and ensured the throne for her sons.

    Who were Valmiki and Veda Vyasa... ??? Whose children were Dhritarastra, Pandu and Vidur... ???

    Yudhistira is thought to be Kunti's son with Yamaraj. But if you read Kunti's comments... in the Mahabharata... it is more likely that he is the son of Kunti and Vidur.

    That dynasty ruled till the rise of Magadh... the Nanda kings.

    Who were the Nandas... ??? After them came the Mauryas. Who were Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara and Ashoka... ???

    There are such innumerable instances.
    Even Baroda's Sayajirao Gaekwad III funded the American education of B.R.Ambedkar.

  27. "Hinduism" was never meant to be a "religion". Infact, the word "religion" never existed... in this ancient Vedic faith. This was "sanatana-dharma"... "sanatana" means "ancient" and "Dharma", refers to "rightousness".

    It essentially was the "path of rightousness"... and was an assimilation of the accumulated knowledge of the ancients... over a period of time... or rather, through the ages.

    The revealed nature of the "Vedas" suggests that the varna system is therefore not man-made but of divine origin.

    Lord Krishna teaches in the Bhagavad Gita that people are allocated to a specific varna according to two criteria, namely (1) guna [personal qualities] and (2) karma [aptitude for a type of work].

    He makes no mention of varna being determined by birth. This differentiates the original varnashrama-dharma from the current caste system.

    The term "caste" originates from the Portuguese term "casta", denoting purity of descent. It has come to refer not just to the four varnas, but to a whole system incorporating occupational sub-castes (jatis).

    In fact, current caste practices often give far more emphasis to jati than to varna. What really differentiates caste from varnashrama-dharma, though, is its hereditary nature – possibly an imposition by the "conquerors" (aided by other vested interests) attempting to consolidate their dominant position in society.

    The fluidity of varnashrama-dharma is acknowledged by numerous textual references to people changing their varna.

    Commerce, politics and the quest for power have changed everything. For the worse... unfortunately.

  28. @ Reema: He He! ;)

    Do watch the movie...

  29. @ Madhu Rao: Great!

    Thanks for your kind words... and welcome to my blog :)

  30. @ Darshan: I agree.

    Ummm... maybe thats the reason... we are the 'most intelligent creatures' ;)

  31. @ Karthik: Thanks Karthik... and welcome to my blog!

    I liked your posts too... am following you :)

  32. @ dilontherocks: Thanks a bunch... and welcome to my blog :)

  33. @ Shilpa: Thanks girl! :)

    Yep... was finally able to get the better of 'procrastination' ;)

    Don't miss the movie/short film...

  34. @ :)

    Its not a long post... thats just an 'illusion' :)

    Great to know... you liked it and please do sign up for BAT, if it interests you...

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    Thanks Mahesh... you really have a funny bone :)

    Thanks for all your encouraging words. Really appreciate it!

  37. @ Shruti: Thanks Shruti!

    btw... it is not a long post. That's just an 'illusion' ;)

    There are some symbolisms involved there... hope you were able to decipher it...

  38. @ aativas: Sure!

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  39. @ Shalini: Thanks Shalini... and welcome to my blog.

    I echo your thoughts...

  40. @ Prithwis Mukherjee: Thanks for stopping by my blog, Mr. Mukherjee.

    I read a few of your posts... and found them to be interesting as well as informative. Following you.

    PS: I'll pass on the links to some of my blogger friends... who share my interests. Thanks once again... for sharing the links.

  41. @ Dhiman: Thanks Dhiman! :)

    btw... it is not a long post. That's just an 'illusion' ;)

    There are some symbolisms involved there... hope you were able to decipher it...

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  43. @ Pra: Thanks a bunch girl! Glad to know you liked the post :)

  44. @ Gyanban: Absolutely! You have caught the essence of it all :)

  45. Roshmi,
    I didn't know that you participated in BAT 5, I just made a visit to ur blog to check what's going only to be greeted by a stunning post.

    True, it's always a fact that the American's made money through illicit drug trade and human trafficking but who's there to question against it?
    Who can prove the facts right?
    America is a super power and the bosses are even more powerful, the fear of life is the only thing which prevents the world from knowing the truth.

    America is the culprit behind the 9/11 terror attacks, because it fed Big 'O' (Btw, I liked the Big 'O' paragraph a lot!)

    This scenario has to change as, if all the population of the world are either terrorists, drug lords and drug addicts where do we live?

    A thought provoking read!


    P.S.: I'm deeply obliged to you for the positive recommendation of my blog to many people!
    I just want to say thank you :)

  46. your post is very informative...must visit it more often... :))

  47. @ Roshmi...

    I have some questions buddy

    1. The revealed nature of the "Vedas" suggests that the varna system is therefore not man-made but of divine origin.

    --> Divine ??? or De-wine??

    --> which divinity?

    --> divinity of the brahmin community whose contribution to the societal revenue was zero and were totally dependent on the labour of shudras?
    --> What about work exploitation ?
    --> Wasnt it conspiracy of Aryans over Dravidians and native Indians?
    --> What divinity shall i ascribe to the god who proclaimed proudly that brahmins come from his head and shudras from his feet?
    --> Yes, Hinduism is a misnomer. There was never a Hinduism. Saivism, Veera shaivism, Vaisnavism, Vasudeva cult were different religions.
    --> In theory and books, verna theory looks quite idealistic.....But what about the ruthless discrimination and exploitation of lobour for millenniums ??

    More questions to come if you permit me to ask...
    I am asking you coz you have huge database...

  48. The most informative post on this edition of BAT! The song was absolutely fabulous, and so was your post! Will come back and read all your posts..Very interesting blog!

  49. @ Pawan: Thanks for the kind words and great to know... you liked this post. btw... there are some symbolisms involved in this post... hope you were able to decipher it :)

    I liked your post immensely. You have dealt with a 'dark' topic in your signature style! Two thumbs up!

    "America is the culprit behind the 9/11 terror attacks"

    Very correct. It was a joint effort by the Pentagon-CIA-White House-Capitol Hill-US Defense contractor lobby-Oil Gods-plus their cronies-and the western media.

    They had to create a 'dhamaka' in order to create a 'villian' a 'global villian'. So, they generously helped themselves to the 16th century prediction of Nostradamus. Their aim was to get a foothold in Asia... and they succeeded.

  50. @ pushpee: Thanks a bunch... and welcome to my blog :)

  51. @ Preeti: Thanks Preeti for your kind words. You made my day! :)

  52. @ Mahesh: I'll be happy to respond to your queries. Bloggersville... came into existence, so that we... the fellow bloggers... could bounce off each others views :)

    Before you begin to read my response... I would suggest that you go through my earlier response to another fellow blogger... above. There are four 'long' paragraphs... 2 before and 2 after Gyanban's comment.

    Once you are done... come back to read the ones that'll follow now. Read them once and if necessary more than once. Ponder over them, collect your thoughts and get back to me with your comments... if any.

  53. I can't imagine the amount of thought process you put in for writing such a detailed and lengthy posts! Great article Roshmi.

    Note to self : I need to be regular on tracking my fellow bloggers soon after the exams :)

  54. The Vedas, the upanishads, the Puran... and other ancient scriptures are not well understood... today. Even misinterpreted. Why and how... we have to understand.

    Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. The Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita are the root of every other faith... the Bible and the Quran included.

    The word "religion" never existed... in this ancient Vedic faith, called "Sanatana Dharma". "Sanatana" means "ancient" and "Dharma", refers to "rightousness". "Dharma" did not mean "religion" as we think or know it today. It was given the colour of religion by later day interpreters... who either misunderstood the words/phrases or did not have adequate words/vocabulary in their language. Or maybe wilfully misinterpreted it.

    The "Sanatana Dharma" is essentially the "path of rightousness"... and was an assimilation of the accumulated knowledge of the ancients... through the ages. It was a philosophy of Life in the Indian Subcontinent.

    The Persians also another form of 'Aryans' called the people living east of the River Indus as 'Sindus' since they could not pronounce 'Indu' in their language. The Greeks especially Alexendra the Great who could not pronounce 'Sindhu' in their language called them 'Hindus'. That is how the people of this land began to be called 'Hindus'.

    Hinduism is not a religion such as Christianity or Islam since the particular 'ism' did not have a single founder or is a cult movement to unite people under a single founder.

    The people of India/Bharatvarsha or the so called Hindus followed a pattern of life that was unique. They believed in a Single Supreme being in whom all the power and Energy of the Universe resides and also from which it emanates from much like the source of the river.

    They believed that the power and energy could be broadly branched : Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer.

  55. The river Indus is also known as the Sindhu Nad ('nad' means a river, e.g. the Brahmaputra Nad. The feminine form is 'nadi' e.g., the Ganga Nadi).

    Infact, "Arab" is not a foreign word. It originates from the sanskrit word "Arva" meaning "horse". This land is well known for its fine horses... isn't it... ??? It was originally called "Arvasthan".

    It might come as a stunning revelation to many that the word 'ALLAH' itself is Sanskrit. In Sanskrit language Allah, Akka and Amba are synonyms. They signify a goddess or mother. The term 'ALLAH' forms part of Sanskrit chants invoking goddess Durga, also known as Bhavani, Chandi and Mahishasurmardini. The Islamic word for God is., therefore, not an innovation but the ancient Sanskrit appellation retained and continued by Islam. Allah means mother or goddess and mother goddess.

    The Indians knew the Arabs very well much before The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born. In sanskrit it was called 'The Arvasthan' or 'The Land of the Horses'. Arvas are the special breed of Arab Horses that the 'Asuras' rode upon. 'Asuras' were people of Assyria... modern day Syria and some areas adjoining it.

    Today... we link 'asuras' to demons. This is a misinterpretation. Similarly... our understanding of 'daityas', 'danavs' are incorrect. I'll come out with a post on these soon. Then we can discuss.

  56. Even Jesus Christ is depicted as having blue eyes and blonde hair... by the west. This is incorrect. He would have looked like a north African Arab... maybe similar to Col. Gaddafi.

    Even Hannibal, the Huns and the Sakas were not european... with blue eyes and blonde hair.

    btw... some scholars refer to Jesus Christ as the 'spiritual son of Lord Shri Krishna'.

    Between the ages of 13-30 nothing is known about him. Many say that he had spent this time in the Indian subcontinent.

    Still others including followers of the Islamic faith (some sects atleast) say that he was never crucified. That was a myth perpetuated by the Church... to consolidate its hold. And that Jesus was buried somewhere in Kashmir.

    In the Bible... Kalki is clearly referred to. How can it happen if Jesus was unaware of the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita and the other scriptures... ???

    Today... the Church is more powerful than Jesus ever was. Such echos can be seen in every other faith.

    All the sects that you have mentioned in your comment (Saivism, Veera shaivism, Vaisnavism, Vasudeva cult) were a later day phenomenon. They came about as a result of the power struggle within this faith. Plus considerations of commerce, economics, politics.

    Aided and abetted by the various conquerors... who descended upon this land. The Pathans, Arabs, Turks, Sakas, Huns, Mughals, Greeks... to the Dutch, Portuguese, French and the British.

    Infact, the British rule has been the most toxic. Their policy of 'divide and rule'... were not just restricted to religion. It was into everything: states, regions, languages, community, caste, class, politics, business. You name it.

    We too are to blame... for having let this happen. We are still reaping those fruits. Note, most of our books... including our history books are written by foreigners. We learn twisted history... the history which others want us to know.

    The 'vested interests' and other groups created by these outsiders/conquerors to consolidate their hold over this land... continue to hold sway. Their destructive ways, that is.

  57. Let me give you examples of how our ancient and sacred scriptures were twisted.

    None of our scriptures ask anyone to stop wearing vermillion, jewellery, etc... once they become widows. Nor do any of them sanction 'Sati'.
    All these evil and obnoxious customs have crept in when 'vested interests' have tried to control the lives of people through 'religion'... which as you know is a foreign word.

    Even in our great epics... after Bali dies, his widow marries Sugriva (her brother-in-law), after Ravan is killed, his wife Mandodari marries Bibhishan. Mandodari is also considered as one of the 5 Kanyas... and is thought to be the real mother of Sita... in a story akin to Karna and Kunti. Even Satyavati (who was actually a 'nishad' woman [from the hunter clan] by birth... became the Queen and is one of the '5 kanyas'. We were asked to emulate the '5 kanyas'... by our scriptures.

    Only Madri commits 'Sati' due to her 'guilt'... of being 'responsible' for her husband’s (Pandu) death.

    It took generations of social reformers to fight these evil customs and achieve some success.
    Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar... that great Bengali scholar and social reformer... studied all our scriptures, held and led protests and indulged in discussions and debates with so called scholars and leading lights of his times... and was ultimately able to prove that 'Sati' was nowhere mentioned in our scriptures.

    That a minor tweak of what is mentioned (in our scriptures) gave rise to this cruel 'custom'. It was 'agre'... meaning: the widow would lead the funeral procession... and not 'agne' meaning: 'to go into the fire'. And the widows could remarry if they wanted to... the husband's younger brother being the most suitable groom. They could even remarry outside their family or clan.

    Most of our current prudishness and some of the negative customs (that our 'sons of the soil' vow to uphold) are actually acquired from the conquerors... the British included.

    Women were not forced to marry someone... whom their family/clan chose, in order to uphold "our ancient culture/customs and traditions". We had the system of "swyamvar"... where everyone eligible was invited to. The bride would chose her groom... herself. And her decision was accepted by all. Times have changed... for the worse.

    Our scriptures say: "Janani Janmabhumischa swargadwapi gariyasi". (Tr: the mother is higher than the motherland... even higher than heaven). What has become of it now... ??? Over the centuries the rot has set in. We have female foetacide and dowry deaths.

    If you notice... the majority of the social reformers came from the eastern part of India... and they were reasonably successful in their endeavours too. In those days (British era), Bengal was the hub of all activities in India and was a very large area. Consisting of present day W. Bengal, Bangladesh, Orissa. With close ties to Tripura and Assam, even Bihar and Jharkhand. Wonder why this land was the first to be 'divided' ostensibly on 'administrative' grounds...

  58. @ Mahesh: The term "caste" originates from the Portuguese term "casta", denoting "purity of descent". It has come to refer not just to the four varnas, but to a whole system incorporating occupational sub-castes (jatis).

    Lord Krishna teaches in the Bhagavad Gita that people are allocated to a specific varna according to two criteria, namely (1) guna [personal qualities] and (2) karma [aptitude for a type of work].

    He makes no mention of varna being determined by birth. This differentiates the original varnashrama-dharma from the current caste system.

    What really differentiates caste from varnashrama-dharma, though, is its hereditary nature – possibly an imposition by the "conquerors" (aided by other vested interests) attempting to consolidate their dominant position in society.

    The fluidity of varnashrama-dharma is acknowledged by numerous textual references to people changing their varna.

    It was never meant to be rigid nor hereditary/nor determined by birth. There are numerous examples of people changing their varna on account of their (1) guna [personal qualities] and (2) karma [aptitude for a type of work].

    Valmiki (he was a tribal and a dacoit before becoming one of our greatest saints and scripting the great epic "The Ramayana").

    Veda Vyasa (another of our greatest saints and scholar. Son of Satyavati, born out of wedlock. He dictated the other great epic "The Mahabharata" to Lord Ganesh... who wrote it down. He has written some of the Vedic scriptures too... hence his name. He also sired Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidur apart from assisting in the birth of the Kauravas).

    Satyavati, Parashuram, Ravan... through to Chandragupta Vikramaditya, the Nanda kings, Chandragupta Maurya, Emperor Ashoka.... et al.

    Commerce, politics and the quest for power have changed everything. For the worse... unfortunately.

  59. @ Mahesh: A lot of ink has been spent on the Ekalavya and Drona episode.

    Ekalavya belonged to the Nishad clan. And so was Satyavati.

    During the "Lakshyagriha" episode... Satyavati... once she gets to know of Duryodhana's plan (of burning the Pandavas alive)... arranges for a Nishad woman (she too belonged to the same clan) with 5 children to stay in the "House of lac" instead of the Pandavas. This woman and her children ultimately get burnt to death.

    There is nothing of caste or clan related sentiments involved here. It is purely due to considerations for other things. Drona - wanted to make sure that nobody could equal his favourite disciple Arjun. Satyavati -wanted to protect the Pandavas, her great grandchildren.

  60. @ Mahesh: Our mythology and scriptures are full of anecdotes/examples/metaphors... and the "Mahabharata" and the "Ramayana" are no different.

    These are still not understood very well... and debates and discussions are raging... to this day.

    Lord Krishna was a transformational leader. He was also the greatest Guru, teacher, guide, friend, philosopher, mentor.

    It is said that the "Mahabharata" is the greatest book ever... echos of it can be found in events down the ages... but what is not there in this book... is not found anywhere. Note the similarities between our epics and those of the west, including that of the "Iliad" and the "Odessey".

    An event described in the "Mahabharata"..."Draupadi's vastraharan"... is an event... perhaps. It is also an example or even a metaphor. On the "decadence" of society, on the norms of culture and the decadence of "dharma". "Dharma" is not "religion" as we understand today. It is "rightousness".
    If people deviate from "dharma"... what eventually happens or what their failing to do/uphold their "dharma" leads to... is shown very well through this one event/metaphor.

    As Lord Krishna too mentions... in the "Bhagavad Gita". A society which stood by silently and simply watched, did not react nor protested... on such a shameful event... the "vastrahaaran" of Draupadi... on the "apamaan" of the Queen of Hastinapur, the wife of the Pandavas, the daughter of King Drupad... an extraordinary woman, a major and important personality in her own right... what will such a society do when ordinary people... including ordinary women, children, the aged and the weak and the defenseless are subjected to ill treatment, injustice and torture... ???

    It will shatter a society and give rise to all kinds of ills.

    Therefore, Lord Krishna advises Arjun and through him... to all of us: to do our "duty"... to uphold "dharma"... without thinking or worrying about the "result", "consequences" or the "aftermath"... failing which we are doomed forever. We should not blame "external" factors for the failure or the decadence of society... it happens due to our actions... only.

    Unfortunately... his words are being echoed in our society today...

  61. holy mother of god !!!! ur commnts reply r as gud as blog posts :P :P... u tried d chat window.. hmmm drop me ur gtlk id probably den if all gud wid dat.. wud b fun 2hv discussions wid u

  62. @ Mahesh: There was no such thing as "Brahmin". It was "Brahman". Note the difference.

    "Brahman" refers to the "Supreme being" or the "Ultimate knowledge".

    People who were knowledgeable, were great scholars, who meditated, guided others, taught others, and were enlightened... were "Brahmans". Both Valmiki and Veda Vyasa were "Brahmans". It had nothing to
    do with their birth.

    You may be aware of a word - "Purusha". Today it is used to refer to man/a male.

    That is incorrect. "Purusha" is a part of the Supreme soul... the Supreme being. There was no corresponding feminine word. Since the soul does not have a gender.

    Today the corresponding word used for "purusha" is "nari". But... the real masculine (corresponding) word for "nari" is "nar".

    So, stating that 'Brahmins' came from the head is incorrect.

    Again 'metaphor' is involved here.

    Let us look at our own body. We give a lot of imp. to our appearance and our face, our head of hair, etc. Yet, the most imp. part of our body is our feet. Without our feet... we'll be very constrained to do even the most nominal of activities.

    Similarly, through that metaphor... The Lord is stating that people who do certain jobs... hold up the society. Without them... the society will collapse, the others notwithstanding. And we are all asked to do/uphold our "dharma" and seek the "Brahman".

    There is nothing derogatory in this. Do you find anything to the contrary... ???

    Every individual's work/activity was determined by: (1) guna [personal qualities] and (2) karma [aptitude for a type of work]. Nothing was decided/determined by birth, nothing was rigid or hereditary.

  63. @ Mahesh: Now let us address the issue of "Aryans" and "Dravidians".

    There is no mention of the word "dravidians" in any of our scriptures. This word is a later day addition by the 'vested interests'... tied to the succession of conquerors. Esp. the colonial rule. This word has come about as a result of the policy of 'Divide and Rule'.

    Let us look at what an 'Aryan' means.

    An 'Aryan' means one who is born out of prayer. Whose birth is welcome and brings joy. One who upholds 'dharma'. One who protects the defenseless, one who is kind and just. Anyone who displays these qualities is an 'Aryan'.

    The greatest 'Aryan' has been the Emperor Chandragupta Vikramaditya. He is also the greates Emperor ever to have walked on this planet. The Western scholars would make us believe that it was Alexander or Chengis Khan, even Babur... etc. But, that is not correct.

    Vikramaditya's kingdom... spanned from Bali to the north of Africa (including the land of the Pharoahs and everything in between). He went upto Bactria (modern Greece).

    He was the greatest conqueror but the greatest 'Aryan' too. Simultaneously.

    How... ???'

    He looked after his conquered subjects as his own children. He did not resort to large scale destruction, setting fire, torture, loot, rape, killings. Nor did he indulge in burning of their sacred texts, books and places of worship. He did not take prisoners-of-war nor did he enslave anyone. He did not stop anyone from practicing their customs and faith.

    So much so... that people found him to be a just king and a far better ruler than the ones before him. They rejoiced in his name and success. Even today, scriptures and poems in his honour that sang his praises, can be found in the Middle East... of all places.

    That was the essence of the "ahimsa" or "non violence"... that was known and practiced in this land of the ancient vedic customs.

    Not this shameful and distorted theory of "non violence" imposed on us by the "imperial powers" and their cronies. It has been imposed on heir other colonies too.

    Today... we have reduced the greatest of Emperors, Chandragupta Vikramaditya to only 'Vikram and Betal'...

    Isn't it sad... ???

  64. @ Mahesh: The theory of 'Aryan invasion'... to India... is a sham and a myth, perpetuated by the west. In line with their theory of 'racial superiority' and policy of 'divide and rule'.

    The history of the west... combined... is less than that of this part of the world.

    Civilizations began here, so have languages and faiths. Plus much else.

    Even the people displaying blue eyes and blonde hair came from this land and region. Not from Europe or the other western nations.

    The original pathans, the blue-eyed pathans (a class of 'Aryans'), groups of people found in Persia (ancient Iran, and another class of 'Aryans'), the 'Kalash' people found in the north west frontiers of Pak., groups of people found near ladakh. Many groups of them migrated towards other lands, including Europe and elsewhere. Yes, several groups among them displayed blonde hair, too. They are India's lost tribes.

    They are the forefathers of modern day Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Scandanavians, etc.

    Even the Pharaohs were a class of 'Aryans'.

    They were 'sun worshippers' - 'Suryavamshis'. They referred to the Sun-God as "Ra"... an abbreviation of "Ravi". They considered themselves lion hearted. Just like the "Singhs". Note the similarity between the Narasimha and the Sphinx.

    Even the Romanian gypsies... are one of the 'lost tribes' of India/Bharatvarsha. Even to this day... they speak a dialect which is very similar to the Haryanvi/Punjabi dialect. They have been shunned by the Europeans.

    Even the great King Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar empire was an 'Aryan'. Note the similarities between his kingdom and Dwaraka... where Lord Krishna lived and ruled. The actual Dwaraka is now submerged under the sea.

    The Vijayanagar empire was burnt by the Deccan Sultans. These Kings were 'Non Aryans' - "Anaryas".

    Ditto the Turks, Persians, Mughals.... British who conquered India and destroyed her culture/traditions/ scriptures/places of worship... killed and subjugated the people living here.

  65. @ Mahesh: The "Anaryas"/"Anaryans"/"Anarjas" are also referred to as the "Mlechhas" or the "Mlecchas".

    Emperor Vikramaditya had slaughtered the Shakas, Barbaras, Hunas, Kambojas, Yavanas, Parasikas and the Tusharas etc and hence unburdened the earth of these sinful "Mlechhas".

    He also defeated the "Mlechhas" such as: the Sanghas of the Madrakas, Yaudheyas, Mallas or Malavas, Sibis, Arjunayans, Kulutas and Kunindas. Those who survived accepted his suzerainty and many of them joined his armed forces.

    This vedic culture and faith has been systematically ruined by the hordes of conquerors... esp. the British. Schoolchildren in England do not learn about incidents such as the Jallianwala Bagh. They are taught that the colonial rule was the best thing that happened to us... and that it "civilised" us.

    They perpetuate their own thoughts on us... via their books. We too are to blame. We have let it happen.

    We look to the west for recognition or should I say for approval before deciding what is good or bad for us.

    Commerce, politics and the quest for power have changed everything. For the worse... unfortunately.

    The Vedas, The Puran, the Upanishads, the epics, even God... is not to be blamed for the current state of things. It has been the outcome of our actions.

    If you have not watched the 2nd video... in this post, do watch it.

  66. lots of info i see there ... good keep it up

  67. @ Mahesh: Therefore, "Mleccha" meaning "non-Vedic, barbarian" is a term for people who did not conform with the moral and philosophical norms or the 'way of life'... of the Vedic society.

    PS: If you want an example of the cruel joke that the west in now playing on us. Here it is:

    After destroying Afganistan... for a few years now... the US has been pounding SWAT valley. A place in the North West Frontier Province of Pak... well known for its scenic beauty.

    Periodically the 'respected' magazines, journals, newspapers, reports, etc... in the US and other prominent Western countries, carry reports... that 'so-and-so' have been sighted there.

    This place is home to a large number of Shias (a sect of Islam), hindus and sikhs. There is a place here... which is referred to as the "Ramji's throne". Through the centuries and millenniums this place has existed.

    Now, the 'cowboys' are pounding this and much else via the 'Drone'. The US Navy's Electronic Attack Squadron 134 is nicknamed the 'Garudas'. Isn't it ironical... ???

    'Drone' attacking Kandahar (Gandhari's birth place) and Ramji's throne... ??? I ask you!

    Note: The descendents of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) belong to the Shia sect and have an honorific title... "Syed". Even to this day... the Shias are fighting the jews. The ones who are not... and fighting this vedic faith are, the Sunnis/Wahabis... a later day "creation" or a product of the "cold war". They were created by the sole superpower and their cronies in conjunction with the "House of Sauds"... to continue their leverage over Asia, grab oil, and sell their defense related products, without which their economy would collapse.

  68. Hey, Roshmi, the three links u mntion are wrking fine yaar.. dont know how cn i help u.. jus try again.. will b back to read this post :)

  69. I have been lagging behind on commenting at other people's places this blog-a-ton. But dunno why I felt this one was the better ones at the competition. Though your posts are lengthy, they make an interesting read when read with some time in hand!!!!

  70. @ Mahesh: Let me give you a few more examples of the metaphors used... in our epics/scriptures.

    Even our great epic the "Ramayana" is still not understood very well... to this day. e.g., Ravana - the primary antagonist in the "Ramayan" epic and the King of Lanka - is usually shown/depicted with 10 heads. But, he did not have 10 heads per se. He had 10 kingdoms and each kingdom was represented by a different crown. Also, Ravana was very well versed in the 4 Vedas and the 6 Upanishads... so, he was thought to be equivalent to 10 scholars. He also possessed a thorough knowledge of Ayurveda and political science and was a great chanter of the Sama Veda.

    Thus he also got the name 'Dassa-sheesha' meaning "the one with ten heads".

    Hanuman is one of the most important personalities in this epic (the Ramayana). His most famous feat, as described in this epic scripture... was leading an army of "vanaras" (even though this is literally translated as "monkeys", "vanaras" were "forest dwelling humans" - "van" means "forest" and "nar" is man/human) to fight Ravana. Hanuman is also referred to as Bajrang Bali (Sanskrit: Vajranga) because his body was hard like a "vajra". Therefore, "vanara" does not refer to "monkey": the first human creature who appears is, in this Kalpa, the Vanara, not the animal Ape, but man with the Ape nature, i.e. primitive man such as, Homo erectus.

  71. @ Mahesh: Long back, in Egypt - before the beginning of any Abrahamic strand, and their predecessor Zoroastrianism, resided people with decidedly Vedic background. The similarities in words, Gods, names are too much to ignore. Their practices were very similar as well. The Zoroastrians took on many of those similarities as their religion developed.

    In 1887, 380 tablets were found in Egypt by a village lady digging for fertilizer. These letters were from notables of the Levant or Pharaoh's record copies of replies - including letters to both Akhenaten and his Queen Nefertiti. These letters also provided a look into the missing link between the East and West.

    One series are letters written by a Mittani king named Tushratta (meaning "of splendid chariots", similar to Dashratha meaning "of ten chariots") writes to his son-in-law, Amenhotep III, the king of Egypt ( the letter reads much like an Indian father-in-law's letter will). Amenhotep married Tadukhepa, Tushratta's daughter.

    Tushrutta's (was an Indo-Aryan king) 'grandson' (son of his son-in-law) became Akhenathen (ऐकःनाथें/Eknathen, 1352-1336 B.C) - who formed a new monotheistic religion (apart from Sanskrit, in current Hindi also, 'one God' is एकनाथ/Eknath). He was one of the first few kings who differentiated between his kingliness and the Godliness of Aten (The One). His chief wife was Nefertiti - who was given an important position - much against the male centred kingdoms and religions that were to follow. He founded the city of Akhetaten (The Horizon of the Aten), at the modern Amarna - where these tablets were found. His mother was Tiye. And the name of their eldest daughter - Sita (full name Sita-amen; Sitamen's Name - amen after the Sun god 'Amen Ra').

    In the centuries before the Mitanni texts, there was a Kassite dynasty in Mesopotamia, from the 18th to the 16th century BC. Linguistically assimilated, they preserved some purely Vedic names: Shuriash, Maruttash, Inda-Bugash, i.e. Surya, Marut, Indra-Bhaga ('Bhaga' meaning effectively 'god', cfr. Bhag-wAn/Bhaga-wan, Slavic: Bog).

    The evidences of both our great epics are spread far and wide... from Bali/Indonesia/Malaysia/Cambodia in the far east... till the north of Africa in the west and even beyond.

    Even names of certain countries like: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc... speak of their connection with the Indo-Vedic civilization. 'Stan' is derived from the word 'sthan' which means 'place'. It is a sanskrit word.

    All the evidences are too much to ignore and wish away.

    The premise that Lord Ram's kingdom was confined to the subcontinent is incorrect. Ditto for Yudhisthira's kingdom... even Chandragupta Vikramaditya, Chandragupta Maurya or Emperor Ashok's kingdom.

    But... the Western 'scholars' will make us believe otherwise. They insist on calling the "Sri Ram Setu" as "Adam's Bridge"... and try to dismiss it as a freak of nature. They are aided and abetted in their endeavours by their cronies... a lot of whom can be found in this part of the world.

    The Pandava dynasty ruled till the rise of the Nanda kings of Magadh. The Nanda Kings were sons of servants/maids... mostly born out of wedlock.

    The Nandas' reign ended after their defeat at the hands of Chandragupta Maurya... who started the Mauryan dynasty. Chandragupta was the son of one of the Nanda Kings (most likely Dhana Nanda) and his maid... again born out of wedlock. He was spotted, taught, aided and guided by one of the greatest of Brahmans and a genius polymath... Chanakya (also known as Kautilya).

    Much is made of Emperor Ashok's 'renunciation' of the worldly and materialistic aspects of life. And it is given out as a great example of "our ancient custom of non-violence." This is incorrect.

    Even when he supposedly "renounced the world"... not a millimeter of the land of his empire could be taken by his enemies/other conquerors, during his lifetime.

  72. @ Mahesh: The Indo-vedic civilization of the 'Aryans'... rather the Aryans were the most civilised of all human races. The 'Aryans' originated from this land... although Hitler claimed that the Germans are the pure aryans.

    The "Vedas" in sanskrit means Vidya, Bidya or Knowledge. Just like Bible in latin means Book.

    King Vikramaditya’s empire spread as far as Arab. Arabistan was an extremely rich and glorious center of
    Vedic civilization then.

    The people who lived in this land were called Semitic.
    Semitic comes from the Sanskrit word "Smritic". Arabs followed the
    ancient Vedic Smritis such as Manu-Smriti as their revered religious guides and thus they were identified as Smritic which has been corrupted into Semitic.

    At that time the spoken language
    was Sanskrit, which later dwindled into the local variation that we now call Arabic. The proof of this is that thousands of words that were derived from Sanskrit still survive in Arabic today. Here is a sampling of some:

    Sanskrit, Arabic, English:
    1. Sagwan, Saj, Teakwood
    2. Vish, Besh, Poison
    3. Anusari, Ansari, Follower
    4. Shishya, Sheikh, Disciple
    5. Mrityu, Mout, Mortal
    6. Pra-Ga-ambar, Paigambar, One from heaven

    That the Vedas were the religious scriptures to which the Arabs owed allegiance as early as 1800 B.C. proves not only the antiquity of the Vedas but also the existence of Indo-vedic (Aryan) rule over the entire region from the Indus river to the Mediterranean.

    In India the practice of 'Navagraha' puja, that is worship of the nine planets, is still in vogue. In India the crescent moon is always painted across the forehead of the Siva symbol. Since that symbol was associated with the Siva emblem in Kaaba it came to be grafted on the flag of Islam.

    Muslim pilgrims visiting the Kaaba temple go around it seven times. In no other mosque does the circumambulation prevail. Hindus invariably circumambulate around their deities. This is yet another proof that the Kaaba shrine is a pre-Islamic Indian Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of circumambulation is still meticulously observed.
    Since "Makha" means fire, the seven circumambulations also prove that Mecca was the seat of Indian fire-worship in the West Asia.

    One Koranic/Quranic verse is an exact translation of a stanza in the Yajurveda.

  73. @ Mahesh: Arabic tradition has lost trace of the founding of the Kaaba temple. The discovery of the Vikramaditya inscription affords a clue. King Vikramaditya was known for his great devotion to Lord Mahadev (Shiva). At Ujjain (India), the capital of Emperor Vikramaditya's kingdom/empire, exists the famous shrine of Mahankal/Mahakaal, i.e., of Lord Shankara (Shiva) associated with Vikramaditya. Since according to the Vikramaditya inscription he spread the Vedic religion, who else but he could have founded the Kaaba temple in Mecca?

    A few miles away from Mecca is a big signboard which bars the entry of any non-Muslim into the area. This is a reminder of the days when the Kaaba was stormed and captured solely for the newly established faith of Islam. The object in barring entry of non-Muslims was obviously to prevent its recapture.

    Pre-Islamic Arabian poet Bintoi’s tribute to king Vikramaditya is a decisive evidence that it was king Vikramaditya who first conquered the Arabian Peninsula and made it a part of the Indian Empire. This explains why starting from India towards the west we have all Sanskrit names like Afghanisthan (now Afghanistan), Baluchisthan, Kurdisthan, Tajikiathan, Uzbekisthan, Iran, Sivisthan, Iraq, Arvasthan (Arab), Turkesthan (Turkmenisthan) etc.

    Apart from the nobility and truthfulness of heart and his impartial filial affection for all his subjects, whether Indian or Arab, as testified by Bintoi, king Vikramaditya has been permanently enshrined in the pages of history because he was the world’s greatest ruler having the largest empire. It should be remembered that only a monarch with a vast empire gets famous in world history. Vikram Samvat (calendar still widely in use in India today) which he initiated over 2000 years ago may well mark his victory over Arabia, and the so called Kutub Minar (Kutub Tower in Delhi), a pillar commemorating that victory and the consequential marriage with the Vaihika (Balkh) princess as testified by the nearby iron pillar inscription.

  74. @ Mahesh: A great many puzzles of ancient world history get automatically solved by a proper understanding of these great conquests of king Vikramaditya. As recorded by the Arab poet Bintoi, Indian scholars, preachers and social workers spread the fire-worship ceremony, preached the Vedic way of life, manned schools, set up Ayurvedic (healing) centres, trained the local people in irrigation and agriculture and established in those regions a democratic, orderly, peaceful, enlightened and religious way of life. That was of course, a Vedic Hindu way of life.

    It is from such ancient times that Indian Kshtriya royal families, like the Pahalvis and Barmaks, have held sway over Iran and Iraq. It is those conquests, which made the Parsees Agnihotris i.e., fire-worshippers. It is therefore that we find the Kurds of Kurdisthan speaking a Sanskritised dialect, fire temples existing thousands of miles away from India, and scores of sites of ancient Indian cultural centres like Navbahar in West Asia and the numerous viharas in Soviet Russia spread throughout the world. Ever since so many viharas are often dug up in Soviet Russia, ancient Indian sculptures are also found in excavations in Central Asia. The same goes for West Asia.

    [Note: Ancient Indian sculptures include metal statues of the Hindu deity Ganesh (the elephant headed god); the most recent find being in Kuwait].

  75. @ Mahesh: Similarly if you notice the phonetic changes by Philologists who study the origin of languages.

    Raghuvir is made Raghbir by North Indians and Punjabis. Italians make Rome of Rama and Pope of Papa.

    That way we find King Nav_chandran_eshwar as Nebu_chendren_essar.

    King Nav_Chandra_pal as Nebu_chendre_pal.

    King Navsripal as Nasirpal.

    King Navshriman as Navsherwan.

    King Dirghayash as Darius.

    King Sriyash as Sirus.

    King Kush_sri as Khusri etc all of Persian civilisations.

    Bhalladpur changes to Baghdad to become the high seat of the last devilish chandra_dhwaja (Moon flag) empire in Kaliyug, to be overthrown by Indian Forces.

    Bahubalipuram changes to Babalipur > Babel > Babylon and hangs in a garden. Kalbalipuram changes to Kabulpur > Kabul and Jabali Sriraj converts to Jabul Siraj to face a small war against the Talibans as a prelude to the Har_magadhan.

    SriShaligram changes to TiruShaligram > YeruShaligram > YeruShalam and becomes a battle point between the battles of Kalbalipuram and Harmagadhan.

  76. @ Mahesh: The series of kings Priyaraman changes to Piraman > Phirmon > Phiraun > Pharaoh.

    Queen Sat_shiv_suta changes to Hat_shap_sut,

    Queen Nrip_priti changes to Nephretiti and

    Queen Aum_satyap changes to Amenhotep.

    King Ram_ashis changes to Ramasis,

    King Arya_nathan changes to Akhnatan and

    King Suryaman changes to Soloman > Suleman.

    The clues are very simple that H, Kh, S, C, Ch, Sh, Sch, K can be more or less interchangeable and also P, Ph and F, as is evident from the comparative study of present Sanskrit, Hindi, Persian, Russian, German/French/English/Latin and Arabic group of languages. Also the two vertival dots of sanskrit get converted into H.

    So the ancient and somewhat vedic Arabic devta of AL SAT_yah > AL SAT (The Truth) changes to AL HAT_h. With T getting silent it changes to Alhah>>> and ALLAH.

    Puran has converted to Kuran > Koran > Qoran etc.

    Therefore, the Aryans were NOT outsiders.

  77. @ Mohan: Ha! Ha! :D

    Good luck for your 'egg jams'

  78. @ Sobhit: Nope! My comments are usually short and crisp :)

    But... a fellow blogger had posed a lot of Qs. I could not have satisfactorily answered those... without going into some detail.

  79. @ Naveen: Thanks Naveen and welcome to my blog! :)

  80. @ Vipul: Still trying... but no luck so far :( :( :(

  81. @ Niharika: Thanks Girl... !!! You made my day! :)

  82. @ Mahesh: Many scholars believe... that Jesus visited India at the age of 13 and went to the Himalayan Mountains to do 'tapas' or 'penance' to acquire spiritual maturity under the guidance of rishis and siddha-yogis before going back to Palestine to preach to his people. So, if Jesus was trained by the sages of India, this would explain why he was able to perform various 'miracles' (siddhas). It also explains why there are so many philosophical similarities between early Christianity and Hinduism.

    There is evidence that it was not Jesus Christ whom they crucified on the cross but his double/lookalike. The last words, "Oh Lord, why have you forsaken me?" refers to Jesus having left him on the cross after Jesus went to the "promised land" of Kashmir. Of course, there are other theories on this. Among other scholars, some say Jesus did not die on the cross but was crucified, suffered and was later revived. Others also say his ascent into heaven was actually his journey up to the heavenly land of Kashmir, where he eventually died and was buried in Srinagar at the Roza bal, the presently known grave of Yuz Asaf, a name known to be that of Jesus.

    Kashmir is also usually referred to as the 'paradise on earth'.

    Even the Shia sect of Islam... the descendents of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and his tribe.. have the concept of 'Dasavathara'. Many other sects of Islam... with ideological similarities with the Shias... like: the Ismaili/Khwaja (Khoja)/Aga Khani/Ahmadiyya, etc are closer to Hinduism. Some even rever Shri Ganesh and Shri Krishna. And have the concept of the 'Dasavathara'.

    This virulent form of Islam... 'Wahabism' was perpetuated by Uncle Sam in conjunction with its cronies and the 'House of Saud'... It is a 'Sunni' form of Islam.

    So much so... that the real descendents of Prophet Muhammad... the Shias... have been rendered a minority. Infact, most of the major muslim personalities... who have met with an unnatural death in the last 2.5-3 decades... have been Shias. The Ahmadiyyas have been declared as 'qudianis'... meaning non-muslims or rather 'kafirs'. Infact, they are branded as 'Hindus'. Meant in a derogatory manner.

    The other school of thought among the 'Sunni' form of Islam... 'Barelvi' too is much gentler. It is nothing compared to Wahabism.

    Note the attempts to link Hinduism to terrorism... offlate.

    Encyclopaedias tell us that there are inscriptions on the side of the Kaaba walls. What they are, nobody has been allowed to study. But there are indications that... at least some of those inscriptions are in Sanskrit, and some of them are stanzas from the Bhagavad Gita.

  83. @ Mahesh: English language has originated much later... and has borrowed heavily from Sanskrit.

    So, 'Pitr' has become 'father'. 'Matr' has become 'mother'. 'Bhratri' became 'brother'.

    'Kumari' became 'Mary'. 'Victavati' became 'Victoria'. 'Agnisikha' became 'Agnezka'. And so on and so forth.

    But the west (esp. the Europeans and the Americans) would make us believe otherwise. They want us to read andknow... what they would like us to read and know. And therefore believe.

    They are taking out patents on... hold your breath... neem, turmeric, garlic, ginger and other spices.

    They claim these grew in their lands centuries ago... and from there came to Asia including the Indian subcontinent.

    There is no class of people called Australians, Europeans or Americans. They are all settlers. The original inhabitants of these lands: the Red Indians, the Aborigines, etc are being systematically obliterated. Many clans have become extinct even.

    America barely has a history. Their 'history' is barely some 300/400 odd years. Infact, their 'history' is pretty much like our 'current affairs'... ! Yet they make tall claims.

    They have even patented the 'basmati rice'. The British now claim that the 'chicken tikka' originated in Scotland... !

    The west is even claiming that the 'yoga' is theirs. And patenting it. Infact, it was not 'yoga' but 'yog'... and ancient art with came about from the rishis and sages of yore... in this very subcontinent.

    Are we able to do anything about it... ??? NO.

    We need to pause, catch our breath and reflect. Introspect collectively... as to where and how we have come to this. How have to reduced ourselves to our current state... when not so long ago, we were on the top of everything.

  84. @ Mahesh: All this... in a nation which was the seat of learning... until a few centuries ago. People all over the world would travel to this great land to imbibe knowledge. We were the best in everything - economics/maths/science/medicine/arts/warfare/fine arts/literature/crafts. You name it. We had the best of minds amongst us.

    Today, people seem to think that teaching or teachers have no 'value'. Completely forgetting the fact... that teachers are the backbone of a nation. The minds they nurture are the future of this nation.

    In ancient times... things were different. Maybe even until a few centuries ago. Teachers were most respected, they were the 'Gurus'. One who imparted knowledge and guided the students... and prepared them for this journey called life.

    Things have taken a 180 degree turn now.

    The great and much celebrated German poet/writer/ philosopher Goethe is on record that he has been 'influenced' by Kalidas' "Meghdutam". Much is made of Goethe's works... but how many of us know about Kalidas' and/or read "Meghdutam" apart from his other works... ??? The much popular dance form of "Flamenco"... is actually a combination of India's most graceful dance form "Odissi"... and Arabian. How many of us know that or even want to... ??? Miyan Tansen could create magic with the way he rendered the 'ragas'... he could set everything on fire... by the "Rag Deepak" and bring down the rains with his rendition of the "Rag Megh Malhar". Today... nobody can do that. Why??? 'coz the complete wordings of these ragas have been a casualty of the ravages of time... due to gross neglect.

    We are more keen to read Machiavelli's "The Prince"... and overlook one of the greatest genius Chanakya.

    Even the present area of 'Chambal' was a seat of learing... many centuries ago. See what has become of it now? This decadence is destroying our nation.

    We have completely forgotten the greats like Acharya Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy, Dr. Meghnad Saha, Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose. The list is very long indeed. And includes: Aryabhata, Varahamihira, Bhaskara I, Bhaskara II, Shushruta, Kalidas, Rabindranath Tagore... they are all our unsung heros. Topping the list is the great genius Chanakya of course.

    What the west... including their scientists, like Newton and Einstein... claim to have 'discovered'... were known, many centuries ago to our own great scholars/teachers/scientists, such as; Aryabhata, Varahamihira, Shushruta. How can it be that these westerners did not read their works... ??? Of course they did. Most of our scriptures have been carried away by the invaders over a period of time. Certainly they did not do it to display them in some showcase, somewhere. Look what they are doing to the pyramids of the great Pharoahs. They have destroyed the Mesopotamian as well as the Gandhara civilizations.

    Today, we have become a nation in thrall of matinee heros and cricket heros.

    China followed borrowed processes (read: western) for decades. Result: famine, high unemployment, etc. Then they looked inwards. The results are there for all to see.

  85. @ Mahesh: Jesus naturally based much of his own teachings on Vedic knowledge, as anyone who is familiar with Eastern philosophy can see. This would also explain why there are so many similarities between early Christianity and the Dharmic wisdom, much of which seems to have been lost from the Christian fold through the ages.

    It is obvious that Christianity is but a modified form of the 'Sanatana-dharma'. Yet, since Jesus spoke in parables on many occasions, the connection with Vedic knowledge and the deeper meaning of his teachings are not always made clear. In fact, there have been numerous diversions and misunderstandings made because of this, as shown by the hundreds of sects that have developed within the Christian community.

    So, essentially, this would also mean that you cannot comprehend the deepest aspects of Jesus’ teachings without understanding Vedic scripture or the philosophy of Sanatana-dharma, since those are really the roots of Christianity and the basis of the teachings of Jesus. Therefore, it makes sense that we all look into, study and learn this Vedic knowledge and follow its principles for a higher degree and more complete form of spirituality that we can add to our lives, for this is the foundation of most of the spiritual knowledge that has spread throughout the world into its many forms that we find today.

    All the great men and women... who have come through the ages... were essentially preaching the vedic philosophy of life. They all came to put back the missing elements in the vedic philosophy of life... which had ebbed over a period of time.

    None of them were new 'religions' per se.

    Mahavira and Buddha came to put the 'soul' back into this vedic faith. Guru Nanakji came to put the 'martial feelings' back into this faith.

    Yet, their teachings have been misunderstood and misinterpreted... deliberately or otherwise. Mostly the former. And new 'religions' have sprung up. Commerce, economic considerations, politics and the quest for power... coupled with greed... have reduced us to what we are today.

    Infact, the misinterpretation of 'Buddhism'... have played havoc... with and in this nation. As well as with this ancient vedic faith.

    Legions of people 'renounced' the world. Even the kings and Emperors.

    Most of those who embraced 'Buddhism' were the ones who were knowledgeable, well read, intelligent, kind, valient and just. They did not marry... and hence there were no progeny... of and from these people.

    Generations of wisdom, knowledge and several other arts and qualities were obliterated with them. This land... was deprived of good citizens, who would have continued on the right path and thus helped in furthering the activities of nation building. This is a continuous phenomenon.

    The misinterpretation of the teachings of Buddha and to some extent of that of Mahavira... left us vulnerable. To attacks from outsiders, conqueror. The 'mlechhas'.

    Steadily this decline happened. Of this land, people and most importantly... of this ancient vedic faith.

    Just a mention: India was still the richest nation of this world... until the British (another group of 'mlechhas') arrived.

    And before them... generations and hordes of 'mlechcha' conquerors have descended... and wrecked ruin. Apart from carrying away our treasures, that is. Both material and otherwise.

  86. @ Mahesh: Continuing with the 'Aryans'... let us look at yet another class of 'Aryans'. The yellow skinned 'Aryans'. The nagas... or the naga people.

    Most commonly the nagas are thought to have descended from 'nagas' or 'serpents'... and hence their name (naga).

    This is incorrect.

    They did not 'descend' from nagas/serpents per se... but were worshippers of the naga/serpent.

    This is also closely linked with the ancient vedic faith... which is very closely interlinked with the conservation of nature. To maintain the 'ecological balance'.

    And the 'nagas' were closely interlinked in the vedic faith. Whether referred to as Vasuki, Shesh Nag... or the Dragon.

    The Nagas are generally thought to have been confined to the North Eastern part/states of modern India. This too is incorrect.

    The 'nagas' or the 'Naga people' inhabited a vast area... from the North Eastern states/region of India to China, Mongolia, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, North and South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Bali.

    But... the colour of one's skin did not matter. In the vedic faith. These were all 'Aryans'.

    Legions of poets through the ages have written and sang verses, prose, couplets, songs, poems... in praise of the dusky, dark-haired, and dark-eyed/doe-eyed beauty. So they have done for the fair-skinned, light-eyed/blue-eyed beauty. And for the beautiful 'nag kanyas'... including Chitrangada and Uloopi, among others.

    Satyavati was a dark-skinned, dark-haired and dark-eyed beauty. While one of Satyavati's granddaughter-in-law, Gandhari... who hailed from Gandhar (modern Kandahar)... the land of the 'Gandharvas'... was very likely a fair-skinned, blue-eyed beauty. Though she voluntarily blindfolded herself... to express solidarity with her blind husband, Dhritarashtra.

    The 'Gandharvas' resided in the areas which is now Afghanistan and its surrounding areas (like: the North West Frontier in Pak, Baltistan, etc).

    Draupadi... was a dark-skinned, dark-eyed and dark-haired beauty. While Chitrangada and Uloopi... Arjun's wives were yellow-skinned, dark-haired and dark-eyed... the hallmark of the naga people.

  87. @ Mahesh: The politics over the "colour of one's skin" came much later.

    This again was perpetuated by the Mlechcha conquerors... including the British and the West in general... in line with their theory of "racial superiority."

    Infact, The current depiction of God - be it Lord Ram, or Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva or even Goddess Kali... as blue-skinned is incorrect. This too has been a later-day 'handiwork' of you know who.

    God - in all the above forms is dark-skinned.

    Kali is considered the goddess associated with eternal energy. The name Kali means "black", but actually means the "force of time (kala)" She is the "ultimate reality" or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatarini (literally "redeemer of the universe").

    The oldest mention of Kali dates back to Rigvedic age. The 'Ratri Sookta' in rigveda actually calls her as Goddess 'Ratri' and regards Ratri as the Supreme force in the universe. In the Tantras, she is regarded as the Shakti (Power) of The Great Mahakala (a form of Lord Shiva).

    Her portrayal on dead bodies in crematorium symbolizes her presence in the hearts of devotees who have killed their Earthly desires and want Supreme Consciousness in the lap of the Ultimate Mother, Kali. In another form, she is regarded as the destroyer, the Mahakali as Kali Tantra says-"kali kalanat" meaning Kali is the one who finishes. Kalika Purana depicts her as the "Adi Shakti" (Fundamental Power) and "Para Prakriti" or beyond nature.

    She is shown as very dark as she is brahman in its supreme unmanifest state. She has no permanent qualities — she will continue to exist even when the universe ends. It is therefore believed that the concepts of color, light, good, bad do not apply to her — she is the pure, un-manifested energy, the Adi-shakti.

    There is a colloquial saying that "Shiva without Shakti is Shava" which means that without the power of action (Shakti) that is Mahakali (represented as the short "i" in Devanagari) Shiva (or consciousness itself) is inactive; "Shava" means corpse in Sanskrit and the play on words is that all Sanskrit consonants are assumed to be followed by a short letter "a" unless otherwise noted. The short letter "i" represents the female power or Shakti that activates Creation. This is often the explanation for why She is standing on Shiva, who is either Her husband/consort and complement as the "Mahakala".

    It also means that without the feminine energy the masculine is inert.

    Hence, the Universe and beyond... will be in perfect harmony, only if the masculine and the feminine forces are in harmony.

    This is popularly also referred to as the "ardhanarishwara". The balance between the feminine and the masculine forces. It does not mean one half man and the other half as a woman... as usually depicted. The same philosophy/principle can be extended to what is now known as the "Shivling".

    According to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsadev, darkness is the Ultimate Mother, or Kali:

    "My Mother is the principle of consciousness. She is Akhanda Satchidananda; indivisible Reality, Awareness, and Bliss. The night sky between the stars is perfectly black. The waters of the ocean depths are the same; The infinite is always mysteriously dark. This inebriating darkness is my beloved Kali."

    -Sri Ramakrishna

  88. @ Mahesh: The colour of skin... i.e., having a fair-complexion... was never considered as a badge of honour.

    Today, the dark-complexioned people are made to feel inferior. By you know who and for what.

    The scourge of commerce has also joined in... so these days even men with dark-skins are being exhorted to apply so-and-so fairness cream in order to "improve their quality of life" besides much else.

    Apart from the "brilliant" discovery that the skin compositions of men and women are "different".

    Folks who are busy promoting and demoting planets (poor Pluto)... can even come out with some startling discovery in the near future... that men and women belong to two completely different solar systems. Or were paradropped from some comet... or even a meteor. Inka koi bharosa nehi :)

  89. @ Mahesh: Do have a look at the 2nd video in this post. The link... leading to the lyrics too are given.

    Incase... you have any difficulty in understanding any of the words/lyrics, do let me know. I'll try to translate... to the best of my ability.

    If you have any more queries or comments... feel free to let me know. I'll be happy to address them as best as I can.

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    I have typed a lengthy response in notepad and tried to paste here. But its not working here :( :(

  91. @ Mahesh: Try breaking up your response into smaller paragraphs and pasting it.

    P.S. If it still does not work... I am contactable at: roshmi [dot] mahesh [at] gmail [dot] com