Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sometimes all you need is a "Signs".

Everyone has something to regret. Something you've done or not done, said or not said. Something, that might have changed your life. A friend you never admitted you liked, a boss you never smacked in the face... or atleast gave a piece of your mind to, a la the advertisement aired by "Hari Sadu"... remember... ???

Or, a trip you'll never be able to take again, a person you'll never be able to reconnect with. A special someone... you've lost touch with. Forever. A 'casualty' of work... perhaps.

Or even a book you have treasured for years... is suddenly misplaced, never to be found again. The list could go on and on and on.

If you are thinking... why book... ??? Well, yours truly... otherwise a very organized person, somehow managed to misplace a book of short stories aptly called "A Treasury of Short Stories" and has been regretting it for the past many months. "A Treasury of Short Stories" is a book (of 16 odd short stories) that we read as a part of our curriculum in english literature for our ICSE exams. The last story was titled "Remember the Roses" - a story with a mysterious and haunting quality about it. So much so, that even as the years passed, the story never left me. For all those who have not read this magnificent love story, you can read it HERE. My suggestion: Read it, and then read it again.

A few more short stories from that 'priceless' book (Ruskin Bond's short story... "The Eyes Have It" and O. Henry's classic "The Gift of the Magi") can be read HERE.

Therefore, losing a book... is right up there... on the 'list of regrets'.

The other day... I watched a short film - "Signs". A fun, simple short film (all of 12 min, 12 sec) about communication and finding love when you least expect it. Concept by Publicis Mojo and, "Signs" is a project from Australian director Patrick Hughes ( Written by Patrick Hughes, Karl Fleet and Nick Worthington. One of the 2009 Cannes Lions winners! The piece will be presented at the Schweppes Short Film Festival ( It is a must watch.

Beautifully done... isn't it... ?!! Such a simple film, but it says so much. Call me a romantic, but this film will surely warm your hearts.

The human link between the palpable alienation is the strongest point that drew me to this film and made me post it. The guy in the film at least, can cross one potential regret off his list. For sure.

As for the girl in the film... I believe she can speak alright, but she chose not to when they meet, as signs (sign language) played such an important role to bring them together.

Love and humanity wins amidst all the insensitivity and materialism. Especially in a world where everyone is so dependent on technology. The alienation was so palpable in the first few minutes. People these days are more interested in having a relationship with 'technology'. Cell phone, computer, photocopier, answering machine, alarm clock, refrigerator, microwave, elevator, escalator, telephone... blah, blah, blah. The 'human touch' is being firmly pushed into the background.

The most intriguing part (to me) is the way that fragile and subtle connection, the sole communication link has been brought out. As vital and eminent as a lifeline. The 'soul' of their budding relationship. The signs of life and happiness for the protagonists.

Original Music: Dmitri Golovko - "They Meet". This music is so empowering! If you like the soundtrack, you can check out @ or

Protagonists: Nick Russell (as Jason), Kestie Morsaai (as Stacey).

Synopsis: Jason is struggling with the stereotypical alienation of a young man... new to the big city. Work is boring, the loneliness is heart-breaking, and the false expectation of family and friends who think you're enjoying and living it up to the hilt is soul-crushing. But, through the window and into the office across the street, Jason spots the girl who might change all that. With only some blank papers and a sharpie... he endeavors to let her know.

Signs is a classic boy meets girl in which the central conceit is not too contrived. You couldn't make a feature based off it, but it is the perfect size for a short. Signs... play to its strengths, with a spare script in which every piece has resonance. Many of the introductory moments that inform our impression of Jason as depressed, the photocopying at the office for instance, are inverted later on in a funny way to establish his renewed verve.

Nick Russell does a really laudable job as Jason, playing the role with the kind of earnest goofiness that has earned Hugh Grant millions of dollars. The role on both ends, the sad sack and the nervous comedy are both very easy to overplay, but he does not. I wouldn't be surprised to see more of him in the future. Infact... I would like to...

Hope you enjoy Signs... !


Some info gathered, courtesy: Wikipedia.

The short film "Signs... is not to be mixed up with the 2002 science fiction thriller film "Signs" written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, and Abigail Breslin. In the latter, although the plot revolves around aliens and crop circles, producer Frank Marshall said, "It's really about human emotions set in motion by a supernatural event." What a contrast! I'd prefer the former. Any day of the week and then some.


Stills from the short film "Signs".


  1. hi .. hv seen dis video on utube.. sm frnd gave it months back, sweet indeed.. n yes hv been arnd only not getin much tym 2 read all ur LONG post.. :-/,, jst 2 lazy off late n kinda messd up , xmz n all starting up 2.. nehw u keep posting.. wud read d posts now n den.. cya

  2. The short film was nice. One thing struck to me though at 0:47, when the lead guy is being shown in a sad state walking clueless to his boring job,what does the director do to show the gloominess? He puts one paaji in the scene..!! :D HAA.

    The scene turned from depicting sorrowfulness to one which made me laugh for no apparent reason. Bad move Patrick Hughes. :D :D

  3. Your posts are very informative. I liked it. And the short film "signs" that you have mentioned is awesome!

    Hope you soon find your Treasury of Short Stories :-}

  4. I don't believe how dumb I have been not to have visited your blog before... but as you talk about "Signs", I fell in love with this blog...
    For the first time I saw quotes from the Gita anywhere... warmed my heart! :)

  5. I wonder how you come up with such lengthy articles with all the minute details!!

    Yes, I have read most of the mentioned books on short stories. They are indeed anytime a good read for me! There is another story called 10x10 which I had studied during my high school... still one of my fav!

  6. @ Sobhit: :)

    Well, my posts aren't long... its only an illusion ;)

    PS: All the best for your egg-jams! Ace it!

  7. @ Puneet: :) :) :)

    But aren't paajis associated with laughter and much merrymaking... ??? Except for a certain 'turbanator' of course ;)

  8. @ Darshan: Thanks Darshan and welcome to my blog! :)

    Glad to know... you liked my posts. I liked your blog too. Am following you :)

    PS: Keeping my fingers crossed re: "A treasury of Short Stories". Hope springs eternal... right... ???

  9. @ Guria: Welcome back!

    Sometime back... you were on my 'Blog Followers' list. Tarpor-e you 'vanished'... without a trace.

    Ami bhabchilam... etoi ki aje-baje likhte shuru korlam naki... ??? ;)

    Greatly relieved and reassured to find you back :)

    PS: The Bhagavad Gita is the greatest of all books. Even the Mahabharata. Echos of it can be found in events down the ages... but what is not there in these books... cannot be found anywhere.

    I'm a great believer in Lord Shri Krishna too :)

  10. @ Mohan: My posts are not long. Its only an 'illusion' ;)

    Have you read "Remember the Roses"... ??? It is a magnificent love story. If you haven't... do read it.

    Where do I get to read the story called 10x10... ??? Is there a link or a pdf version... ???

  11. Awww ... you misplaced TOSS ... Don't worry you'll find it again :D ... I'll watch this movie sounds a nice one ....