Thursday, November 24, 2011

Methinks ... this one is Mushy-Immy-gate! (Part-I)

These are interesting times indeed ... and a time for building 'gates'.

Let me clarify before you ask; that Bill Gates has absolutely nothing to do with these.

So, while India has successfully come up with several engineering marvels like: Chara-gate, CWG-gate, 2G-gate, IPL-gate, Radia-gate, Barkha-gate, Sanghvi-gate, and the like; our estranged western neighbour has now come up with a stinking gate - "Memogate"; styled after the original "Watergate", that nixed President Nixon.

What is this Memogate, you ask? Well, it is apparently a "memo" - the news of which a smarmy businessman-cum-lobbyist of Pak origin, a citizen of America and living in the US of A, has circulated via the foreign press (especially the "Financially Yours Times") and media, that in May 2011, the (now former) Pak Ambassador to US - the foxy Hussain Luckyani - had apparently sent to the President of the US of A - the great and nobel B.rack-ed Obma - on behalf of the Pak President - the smiling Hatim Tai Zardari, via Admiral Mike Melon - the now retired Joint Chiefs of staff (US), who was then very much in action; via an intermediary, the former US National Security Adviser - James 'Bond' Bones, through the smarmy businessman of Pak origin, Mansoor Ijaz-zat.


Bhool Bhulaiya of a different kind, right? But this one is/was not 'made in Bollywood'; so read on.

According to the swarmy businessman-cum-lobbyist, a paranoid Zardari - "too scared" after the big "O" was "taken out" unilaterally, by US Navy seals, in the 'land of the puree' - "feared a military coup and wanted a US hand on Gen. A. Parvez Kayamat's desk."

Zardari apparently even agreed to come up with a "new security team" that would co-operate more closely with the US led 'war on terrier' on Pak soil and was also "
ready to hand over 26/11 culprits to India."


That the holiest of holy cows in the 'land of the puree' - the ones that wear shining boots - were the ones under tremendous pressure from the public after the big "O" episode, so much so that even rickshaws there displayed slogans like, "Horn aista bajaye, army so rahey hain"; was conveniently side-stepped. [Note: Horn aista bajaye, army so rahey hain, translated: Please blow the horn softly, the army is asleep.]

Now, why the big "O" was not made a spectacle of - a la Sad-dam-ed Hussein and Muahmuah Gaddafi - and his 'body' dumped into the waters of the A. Sea instead, is a trillion dollar question.

We were shown the picture of a corpse of course (along with much chest-thumping), but whether it was a dated one or that of a 'frozen' body, we cannot be sure.

We later saw the pictures of a smiling Obma, showing all his pearly-whites, on-board the ship or submarine or aircraft or whatever those said Navy seals supposedly traveled in to "take out" the big "O".

But before I proceed, I would like you to read
this and this.

The latter clearly states that: "There has been little out of Washington DC since the "world domination" cabal, PNAC (Project for a New American Century) or the Brzezinski "World Chessboard" counterparts outlined the need for a "Pearl Harbour scale" event with a "cardboard cutout" boogeyman to act as backdrop for re-engineering the face of the planet. After the "event," we would see the seizure of Central Asia's hydrocarbon resources, the collapse of the world's monetary systems and a political upheaval to spread across the world that would leave every political institution in every country vulnerable to the dictates of an unseen "globalist" hand.

Is there any surprise that the "reported" killing of the big "O" has not been accepted in the United States as more than "ho hum" news?"

... And what do we see around us?

A while back, another person had stated that the real powers in the cowboy country want to "take out" seven M. nations: Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon (or is it Yemen [?]; pardon me, I forget), Syria, Iran and Pakistan. Jingoistic cowboy media predictably promptly drummed out his voice; but what do we see around us?

Some have already been "taken", and the recent surge in rhetoric over Iran's nuclear ambitions combined with a concerted effort to dislodge the Assad regime in Syria, give us hummus for thought. Strangely, even the Russian strongman, Putin, was recently roundly jeered during a sporting event that he was attending - in Russia! And there are routine talks of a "Jasmine revolution" engulfing China with it's "fragrance" - sooner rather than later.

We in India should and must be concerned. If there is trouble in our neighbourhood, if our neighbourhood is burning, we too cannot escape the heat first and then the fire.

For years we were shown long-distance shots of a man sitting on a rocky dry terrain; or the back of a man draped in heavy shawls or blankets, apart from cassettes that seemed to appear at periodic intervals, of course. We were told that the man was the big "O" and that those cassettes were from him - by you-know-who.

That brings me to an interview given by the assassinated Benazir Bhutto to Sir Daveed Frosty on "Frosty over the World" in Nov. 2007. There she had categorically stated that she knew for a certainty that the big "O" had already been "taken out", and that she knew the identity of the person who had done the job.

This was thunderclap, wasn't it? But Sir Daveed Frosty did not miss a beat and quickly moved on to other "more interesting" topics. Recently, when the BeeBeeC aired the said interview, it was minus the "offending" bit - that part had been neatly edited out!

Let's get back to the 'memo' then.

Now, Mike Melon, the good gent that he is, denied the existence of such a 'memo' and stated that he had no recollection of ever receiving it.

The Pak Presidency as well as the (now former) Pak Ambassador to the US too denied having anything to do with the offending 'memo'.

This prompted Mr. Ijaz-zat to quote a classic dialogue of the big-screen character of Gordon Gekko - the main antagonist of the 1987-film, "Wall Street" and the antihero of the 2010 "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps": "If you stop telling lies about me, I might just stop telling the truth about you".

Thereafter, Mike Melon through a spokesman "clarified" and owned up to the existence of such a 'memo'. Apparently, he went back and searched through piles of files and reams of paper ... and found a copy. We were also helpfully told that earlier - on receiving it that is, he had dismissed it as not credible and took no action.


The 'masala' or 'formula' has an unmistakable smell rather flavour on them. This one got to be a joint production of 'Hollywood' and 'Lollywood' - also the name that the film industry in the 'land of the puree' goes by. But those who are discerning and can read between the lines will know what I mean.

Now, why would Zardari of all people even dream of sending such a boomerang-style memo to Mike Melon - who is a "close buddy" of Gen. Kayamat and his friends, past and present, and who was also instrumental in getting the thorough professional and a soldiers soldier - the chain smoking Gen. Kayamat himself, a three-year extension (beginning Oct-Nov 2010) - thus ensuring that the next election would be held under him and not the sitting President?

Plus, it is a common knowledge-cum-open secret that the pure and green generals in the 'land of the puree' and their cronies only act after a green signal from you-know-where.

And why send such an aa-bail-mujhe-maar-worded 'memo'? That too through the discredited Mansoor Ijaz-zat, who had claimed prior to the iRaq War ... about the existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in the then Sad-dam-ed
iRaq, and also talked about ties between Sad-dam-ed Hussein and Ally Q - that had led the-you-know-which forces to invade that hapless oil-rich nation!

Mr. Ijaz-zat commented on the big "O" and New-clear Proliferation; articulated opinions in support of the Am-Bush-ed White House (that considered Mushy to be a "tight buddy"), and neo-conservative foreign policy. He was a Fox(ed you) News Analyst and played a popular role on (Es)Special Report; he was the most popular guest on the show and appeared on Fox(ed you) on more than 100 occasions.

Now, media mogul Rupee Murdoch owns Fox(ed you), one of the pioneers of unethical and illegal news-gathering practices, as demonstrated by the recent phone hacking scandal. It has been also found that private data of Hateem Tai had also been targeted by some private investigators hired by 'The Sunday Times', a newspaper owned by Rupee Murdoch.

Apparently, the ISI-certified chief, Gen. Pesha - who too is on an extended extension, courtesy you-know-who - had flown halfway around the world to hold a secret meeting with Mansoor Ijaz-zat, without the knowledge of the supreme commander of Pakistan's armed forces (President Zardari himself).

Gen. Pesha "authenticated" the evidence produced by Mr. Ijaz-zat; 'coz the former had apparently carried a forensic lab in his hip-pocket and was thus able to "forensically test" Mr. Ijaz-zat's blackberry ... or blueberry, whatever it maybe; but grapes it was definitely not. Actually, Gen. Pesha was only testing/conducting his pesha on you-know-who.

In India, we are well aware of the state of our investigative agencies, and know fully well the outcome, if they were to ever behave (or test or try to conduct their pesha) in this manner. They are not ISI-certified but more into Quality Control via ISO, copyright, trademark and Agmark certification. But then India is a different country, and thank god for that!

And by now, we also know of:
Vajpayee's 'bitter lesson' on Kashmir with Mansoor Ijaz-zat.

Hmm. Hmm.

(More later...)

link. Suits, no?

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