Sunday, July 8, 2012

Con on the cob: Con-spicuous. Con-scientious. Con-spiracy!

Somebody find this chap - Conscience - please. A few years ago Conscience did not allow someone to be PM and now stopped another from standing for President.

Conscience - is clearly bad for our demo-crazy. Hypo-crisy failing too! Hyper-crisy may be required - soon. But the hippo-potamus can continue to happily lounge wherever it has been lounging. No gerrymandering.

The POTUS cannot be so sure though.

Elections fast approaching: whether people will still believe in small change or ask for big change?! Only time will tell.

But one must keep their oven mitt handy.

Move over Hippocrates. Gilani is the new Socrates. Hippopotami have outlived Ptolemy.

As for the great Abraham Lincoln, I simply cannot believe he has accumulated so much bad karma. Pro forma. First Hollywood turned him into a Vampire Hunter and then Mushy (now without the bush-shirt) - claims to be Abraham Lincoln II !!

Umm, even though Bushy was Empire Hunter, there won't ever be any posthumous banter, I assure you.

Elsewhere, hopes have been rekindled about the rebirth of the Mayan Civilization. It's also called hedging one's bets vis-à-vis the Cycle. Tricycle may be required in future :)

So you see: haathi mere saathi. And Appu Raja: more Band Baaja.

The Elephant must be our national animal. Latent version. After all, the tiger is near extinction.

However, fishy diplomacy is epic fail. Jack and Jill may now have to be tasked with fetching water - in a giant pail.

In our neighbourhood, Syrious action is being contemplated. iRan. Syrianna. Nothing for holy republic of camelflaged banana!

Holy Cows easier to blame, holy Camels = 'consequences'. Com se com sa.

Libya. Egypt. Gone with the wind. Now: Lawrence of Arabia.

Cleopatra: Burqini Lasso.

Debhelopment is a global consh-piracy. First, demo-crazy to be sprinkled like, salt and pepper. Later the beoble gets to feel the radio and cassette mirchi.

Mali, Somalia, Uganda, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt and Yemen: Lush beard-farms and He-Men.

Earlier: Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?

Now: Who are the Puppeteers, pray, and who the Puppets?

War on Terror: Immaculate Deception. In test tubes and petri dishes was their conception.

Five-sided polygon cohabitated with holy camel. Holy djinn (that also produced unlimited electricity) - made its grand entry. Outcome: bumper harvest - lots of sentry.

Proliferation of Rakta-beej: Reality is no tease. Who moved my cheese?!

Education = brainwashing. Faith = cannon balls. Knowledge = Solar eclipse.

Future generations = Lunar eclipse. Elsewhere: wine and dine, fish and chips.

It's all a game of Oilympics!

Oil is 'fair' in love and war. Racial supremacy. Very dicey!

Afghumistan destroyed. So what? Wasn't it a great victory for the people, I mean: for the five-sided polygon's deltoid?!

Cold War: Child Bear. War on Terror: King Kong.

Ding Dong Bell, Pussy in the Well.
Who Put her in? Little Tommy Thin.
Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Stout.

This Tommy is Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Baa Baa Black Sheep. Couture: Wolf's hide.

Aid and Charity: Fiction. Ditty.

Fox trot. Foxy trot. On the dot!

Dinosaurs: Extinct. Book diplodocus: Very much in.

Best fish. Salmon Rusty. Rest: wannabes and honeybees. Others: Salmonella typhi and tie-coons.

New playing fields. Very simple! Hocus Pocus. Abracadabra.

No red, only Red Bull. Cold War, you fool!

Berlin Wall is falling down, falling down. Eureka. Perestroika!

Soviet land is crumbling down, crumbling down. Nobel. Glasnost!

Chinaman? Don't want kabab mein haddi. Boneless Chicken Manchurian better. Buy-Buy.

Chinese chequers. Russian roulette. Sine Theta. Cos Theta. Tan Theta. Pi.

Indian Bamboo. Deep mystery. Long history. Take-no-logy. Fungi.

India. Smiling Buddha. Myanmar. Laughing Buddha. Tastes delicious with oil. On the boil.

Thai Chicken Manchurian. Noodle Diplomacey.

Vietnam. Japan. Flash in the pan!

Korea South. Flashing teeth. Korea North. Flashing canines. Both are white teeth. So, same to same! Jellyfish.

Sufism. Bye-Bye. Destroy. Holy Camel's Rooh Afza: Great. Oh Boy!

Into South Asia: bring it on. After all, terror cannot retire. Simply re-hire.

Beauty and the Beast re-done: Job security + 72 virginal beauty. For each beast! Better than a heist. Hee-hee.

Arabian Knights. Dark Knights. Alif Laila. One long, dark, never ending night.

The Knights in shining armour. Cyclops.

Numero UNo: vulture in dove's feathers and tail. Hail their Holy Grail.

War on Terror is here to stay. While the sun shines, make hay.

And fish in troubled waters too. Woo-Hoo. Karate. Parkour. Kung fu.

Breakfast. Cold Turkey. Lunch. Egyptian Mummy.

Snacks. Bamiyan Buddha. Dinner. A la carte.

Munchies. Mali. Dilly Dally.

Get the drift?? Phew, what a relief!

Intelligence. Zombilance. Clarity of thought. Cobwebs. Webolutions. Making merry. Picking cherry.

Game, Set, Match. Tom and Jerry. Very gory? No worry.

Huff Puff. Hurry Bury. Dictionary. Say Sorry.

Con on the cob. *Sob! Sob!*

Photograph: Pic. courtesy: Link. [All in good humour, I assure you.]

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